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Ambrose: I see. This does not bode well at all.

After Twilight bravely defeated Rattlebones, with the help of her new fairy friend, Flitter, our heroes made it to the Headmaster's Office and told all that transpired on Unicorn Way.

Applejack: What does that varmint want in Unicorn Way, is my question.

Ambrose: I'm not sure, but we must be cautious of his doings, never let your guard down. You've all done a magnificent job sorting out the trouble on the street, but now it's time we move on.

Gamma's Voice: But first

Gamma then flee into the office from the other door leading....somewhere else.

Gamma: I am pleased to announce that your enrollment papers have been accepted by our Enrollment Registrar, Mr. Lincoln.

Rainbow Dash: Meaning?

Ambrose: Meaning this: Welcome now, young wizards, to the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts!

Soon enough, our heros busted in cheers knowing that they have been accepted in Ravenwood. Ambrose, then gave Twilight a map, and the group, a compass for each.

Ambrose: All Ravenwood students must be issued their own magical map, and compass.

Pinkie: Ooooh what's so magical about them?

Ambrose: Whenever you leave to another area, the map will turn into the map of said area. And the compass will always lead you to wherever you wish to go.

Majority of the group stared at awe towards the magical map and compass.

Ambrose: Now then, there are a total of 7 teachers all for you, there are also student dormitories assigned to you on campus, find a student by the name, Simon and he will help.

Spike: Just one question.

Ambrose: Yes, Spike?

Spike: Where is Ravenwood again? Y'know so it won't forget!

Rarity: I believe the tunnel is in front of your tower, right?

Ambrose: That is correct, Rarity. If you would like, you could use the compass if you wish.

Twilight: No, where good. Remember girls, it's the tunnel we came out of, when we first arrived here. Now come on.

And so they did, they headed out and quickly found the tunnel leading to Ravenwood. Once they came out, they saw a busy village filled with wizards of all type, and magic all around. They then looked at the schools and easily figured out which one it is, from their

Flitter: You guys go on ahead and look for your teachers, I'll stay here. I guarantee orientation will take about, 5 minutes. So 5 minutes meet me back here at the tunnel.

Rainbow Dash: Sounds good to me. Let's get to it.

So they all split up and went out to find their teachers. Rainbow Dash found the Storm School easily so she entered. It was a small classroom with symbols and signs of Storm magic, as well as the average class seats, and chalkboard. In front of her was the professor, who appeared to be a small frog with a purple top hat, and a purple and yellow garb.

Professor: Ah, you must be our newest student, welcome to the School of Storm also known as Divination, where students can become wonderful diviners!

Rainbow Dash: Thanks, so uh you're my teacher?

Professor: Professor, my dear, And yes, I am Professor Halston Balestrom, master inventor, and of course Professor of Storm Magic.

Rainbow Dash(intrigued): Go on....

Professor Balestrom: Who else can master the power of the storms and the seas? Anyone who can harness their creativity!

Rainbow Dash: Ok I am SO sold! Professor Balestrom, you won't be disappointed! I'm gonna be the best student you have!

Professor Balestrom: I look forward to that offer my dear, When the time is right, I will summon you to my class, and I shall teach you how to UNLEASH YOUR INNER THUNDER!

Rainbow Dash: I look forward to THAT!

Meanwhile with Rarity, she managed to find her school, being the School of Ice. Due to her being an Ice Wizard, she doesn't notice the chilly temperature. Rarity, then came face to face with an old fairy wearing the colors of ice, she can only deduce that this fairy could be the Ice Professor.

Professor: Welcome dear, I am Lydia Greyrose, your Ice Magic Professor.

Rarity: A pleasure to meet you, Professor Greyrose, I am Rarity and I would like to learn about ice, more then mere sculptures.

Professor Greyrose: Very well deary, but kept this in mind: Ice Magic, or Thaumaturgy isn't for the impatient or flighty! My goodness, no! You'll need to study hard to learn Ice Magic, but I guarantee you'll be great at it, and I'll be here to help you when you need it!

Rarity: Oh, that would be absolutely delightful of you, Professor!

Professor Greyrose: When the time comes my dear, I will summon you for your next lesson. There's so much to learn about Ice!

Rarity: Thank you kindly, Professor Greyrose, I will be the finest of your students!

After orientation is over for Rarity, she went back to the entrance to meet with Flitter. Meanwhile with Spike, he went to find his teacher to what, CLEARLY is the Fire School. He then came face to face with the professor of the school, a tall flame haired woman wearing an orange robe to match.

Professor: Welcome, young dragon, to the School of Fire. I am Madame Falmea, your Professor.

Spike: Hi! I'm Spike!

Professor Falmea: Welcome, Spike. I can already see you have the spark inside of you.

Spike(blushing): Aww, come on now, you're making me blush!

With a small chuckle from Falmea, she began her orientation of the Fire School.

Professor Falmea: Here I instruct students how to be powerful Pyromancers, but fire can be quite dangerous. We must not be rash, lest we destroy that which we achieve.

Spike: Seems fair, fire CAN be dangerous, but also helpful.

Professor Falmea: That is correct. When the time is right, I will summon you for your next lesson. I'm always up for fanning the flames so students can learn more about Pyromancy

Spike: I won't disappoint!

With that Spike left the schoolhouse and went back to Flitter. Next, Twilight went to find the Death School....though unlike the rest, she's having a hard time doing so. Instead she sees a GAPING CRATER in between the Myth, and Fire school. Then a young wizard came up to the confused alicorn.

Wizard: Have you come looking for the Death School?

Twilight: Uh..yeah, have you seen it?

Wizard: I'm afraid you're looking at it. This gaping chasm is all that's left, after it was torn from Ravenwood.

Twilight: What happened?

Wizard: Word has it that Malistaire, the Death Professor, caused it to disappear. No one knows where he sent if off to, but you'll find tons of rumors around town about it.

Twilight: But, that's crazy! Who's  teaching the Death students?

Wizard: That would be me! I'm Malorn Ashthorn. I don't mean to boast, but I was Malistaire's top student. Now I'm pretty much all that's left, so I'm teaching the new students.

Twilight: Well, I'm a new student now, so will you teach me?

Malorn: Of course! I'll teach you all about death spells or Necromancy. My pet crow, Shadow will summon you when you're ready, right Shadow?

Shadow: CAW! CAW!

Twilight: All right then.

So then she trotted back to Flitter just like the rest. Meanwhile with Pinkie Pie, she went happily jumped her way to the Myth School. She then came face to face with a bald man wearing a yellow robe, and blue shoes. He then looks gloomily down at Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie: Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie, an I'm here t-

Professor: Let me guess, another conjure want-to-be taking the Ravenwood tour?

Pinkie: That's me!

Professor: Ohhhh how quaint.

He then shakes his head in frustration, and knowing Pinkie Pie, he's in for a long semester with one of the most hyper active ponies on Equestria.

Professor: Fine. You may refer to me as, Professor Cyrus Drake and i-

Pinkie: Drake? Ooooh do I know a Drake, a meany Drake. He calls himself Malistaire, do you know him?

Professor Drake(sighs): Yes. He's my brother. Now then, if you wish to "attempt" to learn Myth Magic, I will summon you when I think you're ready. Now, leave me alone.

Pinkie: Aww but no one wants to be alone!

Professor Drake: Well, I want to be alone. Now please, leave me alone.

Pinkie: Okey-dokey-lokey!

She then bounces out of the room, and went back to Flitter.

Professor Drake: Ohhhh this is going to be a long semester with THAT pony.

And finally with Fluttershy, she made her way to the Life Schoolhouse and went face to face with a cow wearing a green robe.

Fluttershy: excuse me, are you my teacher?

Professor: I am. Welcome to the School of Life, I am Moolinda Wu, Professor of the School of Life. Here we celebrate the living ever-green power of creation and vitality.

Fluttershy: How wonderful!

Professor Wu: If you listen closely, you can hear Life Magic all around.

Fluttershy: Really?

Professor Wu: But of course. Just a few notes can lift one's troubles, purify one's spirit, and restore life.

Fluttershy: That really does sound wonderful!

Professor Wu: There is much more I can teach you, but it will have to wait until you are ready.

Fluttershy: Thank you, Professor, you won't be disappointed.

Finally the group finally met back to Flitter at the entrance.

Flitter: So, what do you think about your classes?

Rainbow Dash: My teacher was awesome! I'm definitely gonna like this school!

Rarity: Which surprises me, knowing Rainbow doesn't like school at all.

Rainbow Dash: Classes are boring, I admit, but I think I'm gonna like the Storm School.

Applejack: Yeah, yeah, well while you have have your teachers, I can't even find mine! Heck I can't even find the balance school!

???: Excuse me, but did you say you were looking for the Balance teacher?

They turned looking for the voice, only to see before them a dog wearing a red top hat, monocle, and a red suit.

Applejack: Uh...yeah, who's asking?

Dog: Arthur Wethersfield, at your service. I the Balance Professor, and I come from Marleybone, a completely different from Wizard City. As a lad, I always enjoyed magic, but no one practices magic in Marleybone, so I left to study magic in Ravenwood.

Applejack: K.

Arthur: 10 years later I traveled to Krokotopia then came back, to teach students, such as yourself, Balance magic, otherwise known as "Sorcery" which specializes in the balance of all things.

Applejack: Balance of all things huh? Are ya gonna teach me something like that?

Arthur: But of course! Though it is more advanced than the other schools, and is harder to master, but it's power is unimaginable! When the time is right, I'll summon to teach you everything I know, cheers!

He then waved to the supposed balance student, and the group went back to the Commons.

Applejack: Well, about time! Unlike all of you, I gotta do some hard work ta earn my spell.

Rainbow Dash: I guess....

Unbeknownst to them, Twilight wasn't listening, for she was in deep thought.

Spike: What's a matter, Twilight?

Twilight: The Death School, Malistaire tore it from the campus.

Spike: Oh yeah, that big gaping chasm near my school. That was Malistaire? Hmm I wonder what he did with it?

Twilight: They say there are rumors around town about it, so maybe I'll find out soon.

Spike: Yeah. If it's not in Ravenwood, it could be somewhere else.

Twilight: Probably.

They then went inside the Headmaster's Office to speak with him about their experiences.

Ambrose: Oh good, now you should know where your classes are. I do hope you like your new teachers.

Pinkie: I don't know, if you ask me, my teacher is kinda a party pooper.

Gamma: Yes, all wizards get that same reaction when meeting Cyrus, but rest assured Pinkie, you will grow on him. Cyrus is one of the best teachers we have at Ravenwood, though he maybe less enthusiastic about new students, he will soon learn to be fond of them.

Ambrose: Well said, Gamma. Now then, as a reward, here are new spells for you. Remember to put them in your deck

Ambrose then gave the group the following cards.

Elemental Blade for Applejack
Lightning Strike for Rainbow Dash
Freeze for Rarity
Fireblade for Spike
Death Trap for Twilight
Golem Minion for Pinkie Pie
And Minor Blessing for Fluttershy

And everyone then put their new spells in their deck.

Flitter: And for a reward from me, I'll heal you when needed in battle. My card is a little weak, but it'll improve during our journey.

Spike: Just like us, we'll improve more during the journey too.

Ambrose: That's the way of Wizards my friends. Now then, I have one more requests if you're up for it.

The Group: Sure!

Ambrose: Excellent, you have all demonstrated that you are capable and unafraid. Go speak to Sergeant Muldoon in Olde Town, I would like to see what you all can do.

Applejack: Sure beats doing nothing anyway. Where's Olde Town?

Ambrose: Go through the Shopping District and find the Olde Town gate. When you see him, show him this letter, or else he won't let you pass.

Rarity: Just a minute. Did you just say, Shopping District?

Ambrose: Why, of course. The Shopping District is where all wizards go to get the proper equipment. Wands, decks, any many magical equipment sold by the finest shopkeepers Wizard City has to offer.

Rarity toned out everything Ambrose is saying. She is still gasping in surprise and awe knowing they their own Shopping District unlike Ponyville.

Applejack: But we don't have any wizard money, riiiight Rarity?

She then snapped back to reality, realizing Applejack is right.

Rarity: Oh, I'm afraid so.

Flitter: Don't worry, Rarity, you can explore the Shopping District when we have enough gold. As of now we need talk to Sergeant Muldoon.

Twilight then took the letter from Ambrose and the group headed out to Olde Town. They passed the Shopping District, to Rarity's disappointment, and entered the Olde Town tunnel. When they exited the tunnel they came across a small village. They viewed their surroundings and saw 3 guards, one of them looking like he's a higher rank than the other two, it must be Sergeant Muldoon.

Muldoon: Halt, who goes there?

Twilight: Sergeant Muldoon? We have a letter for you from the Headmaster.

Twilight then levitated the letter to Sergeant Muldoon. He then crumpled up the letter and put it in the nearest garbage.

Muldoon: Say no more, help is truly appreciated, and if it's from the Headmaster, then it's more than enough proof that you're here to help.

He then examine the group then immediately, came to his conclusion.

Muldoon: You must be the new wizards representing Equestria. They say you're Wizard City's last hope, and you all just enrolled.

Rainbow Dash: We'll it was nothing. In Equestria, we ARE the Elements of Harmony.

Twilight(whispering): Rainbow......

Muldoon: You've done a good job spooking the spooks in Unicorn Way, but now the undead is spreading farther than we ever seen, push down on one place, something else happens in another place. Now, it's Olde Town's turn. If we lose the town to the undead, the streets will be isolated and fall. Here's what you need to do.

The Group listened intently to the distressed guard for their next assignment.

Muldoon: One of you must go back to Unicorn Way, defeat Lady Blackhope, and lock her in her tower. Do that and I'll let you pass.

Twilight: I'll do it. I handle Rattlebones, hopefully, Lady Blackhope won't be much of a challenge.

Muldoon: Very well, Princess.

At that, Twilight took to the skies and headed back to Unicorn Way. With the help of Ceren, she found Blackhope's tower and met with a lone ghost. Who could possibly be the supposed ghost.

Lady Blackhope: Mere mortals should not dabble in the affairs of the undead. Perish now, Wizard!

Twilight only glared at the ghost as she conjured up a battle sphere and began the battle.

Twilight(523 Health)
Lady Blackhope(235 Health)

Twilight(thinking): She's life. Hopefully this battle will be better than Rattlebones. Time to use this Death Trap.

[Twilight Sparkle]
Uses Death Trap on Lady Blackhope increasing 30% to her next spell damage

[Lady Blackhope]
Uses Bloodbat on Twilight dealing -70 damage

Twilight(thinking): Ugh, still gross. Imagine how Pinkie uses it.

Twilight(453 Health)
Lady Blackhope(235 Health)

Twilight: Now let's see how powerful this Death Trap can do.

[Twilight Sparkle]
Uses Dark Fairy on Lady Blackhope dealing -105 damage

[Lady Blackhope]
Uses Imp on Twilight dealing -70 damage

Twilight(383 Health)
Lady Blackhope(130 Health)

Twilight(thinking): I gotta heal first, then it's just rinse and repeat.

[Twilight Sparkle]
Uses Fairy on herself healing +400 Health

[Lady Blackhope]

Twilight(523 Health)
Lady Blackhope(130 Health)

[Twilight Sparkle]
Uses Death Trap on Lady Blackhope increasing 30% to her next spell damage

[Lady Blackhope]
Uses Leprechaun on Twilight dealing -155 damage

Twilight(thinking): Ugh! Gotta keep going.

Twilight(368 Health)
Lady Blackhope(130 Health)

[Twilight Sparkle]
Uses Dark Fairy on Lady Blackhope dealing -95 damage

[Lady Blackhope]
Uses her own Physical attack on Twilight dealing -85 damage

Twilight(283 Health)
Lady Blackhope(35 Health)

Twilight(thinking): One more hit, I think I can get her with my wand.

[Twilight Sparkle]
Uses Death Touch on Lady Blackhope dealing -60 damage

[Lady Blackhope is Defeated]

Twilight: Phew, not so bad.

After locking her tower with a lock spell, Twilight made it back to her friends and Sergeant Muldoon looking pleased that she defeated the evil ghost.

Muldoon: I can tell from the bruises, that you defeated the ghost? Impressive! None of the guards were brave enough to face her.

Rainbow Dash: That's our Egghead here! Bravest pony we know, next to me of course.

Muldoon: Very. With Olde Town secured, I feel better about letting all you pass through the streets. We have Firecat Alley, Cyclops Lane, and Triton Avenue. But be careful, the streets are not as safe as they seem. I've heard some rumors of a nasty wraith by the name, Lord Nightshade. He may be the cause of all the happenings around Wizard City.

Rainbow Dash: Then let's get him!

Flitter: Not yet, Rainbow. Maybe later but right now, we need to help out on the streets. To make things go quicker, we need to split up.

Twilight: Sounds like a plan. What's the first problem?  

Muldoon: On Triton Avenue, Susie Gryfonbane reported that her brother was missing during an incident with the undead.

Flitter: It's a Storm Street, so what I suggest is have Pinkie investigate since she's Myth.

Twilight: OK, me and Spike will go with her.

Pinkie: YIPPEE!

Flitter: What's next?

Muldoon: Cyclops Lane. Nolan Stormgate asked for help regarding missing students.

Flitter: That's a Myth street. Since Myth is weakened to Storm, Rainbow Dash can investigate there.

Fluttershy: Oh um, can I go with her please? Maybe she could use a heal while she's there.

Flitter: Sure! Last street, what's going on there?

Muldoon: Firecat Alley. There's a distress call from one of our own, Private Quinn.

Rarity: Since it's a Fire Street, it would be wise that I journey there.

Applejack: Uh-huh, I'm coming with her in case she causes a screw up.

At that remark, Rarity would only glare at the farm pony.

Twilight: Then it's settled: Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy takes Cyclops Lane, Applejack and Rarity takes Firecat Alley, and me, Spike and Pinkie will take Triton Avenue. Everypony got that?

Everyone: YES!

Twilight: Then let's head out!

With a few cheers from the group, our heroes split up and Traverse through the streets preparing for the danger they will face.
Spellbinding Ponies: Enrollment and Olde News
Chapter 4 of Spellbinding Ponies, where our heroes finally get enrolled into Ravenwood, and then eventually go to Olde Town
There was no doubt what needed to be done. Twilight, alone must face the dreaded Rattlebones and save the fairies. Thankfully, she can enter the tower at ease since she is death, so once she went in the room, she is confronted by a skeleton with black armor, a blade, and a shield with the death school symbol at hand.

Rattlebones: Well, well, well. This is the pony to best my forces? How quaint of Ambrose to think a mere pony could defeat me.

Twilight: Rattlebones, I'm here to stop this madness!

Rattlebones: You cannot stop us, little wizard. The capturing of the fairies are just the beginning of Malistaire's plans. Soon, Wizard City will fall, and there's nothing anything you or anyone could do about it, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Twilight: That's what you think!

Then Rattlebones summoned a dueling circle for him and Twilight, and the battle commenced.

Rattlebones(135 Health)
Twilight(499 Health)

Unfortunately for Twilight, it was Rattlebones' first move. But that doesn't stop her from defeating him.

Uses Thunder Snake on Twilight dealing -100 damage

[Twilight Sparkle]
Uses Dark Sprite on Rattlebones dealing -45 damage

Rattlebones: HAHA! Foolish wizard, have you forgotten that I am a Necromancer as well? Your puny attacks won't work so well, now will it?

Rattlebones(90 Health)
Twilight(399 Health)

Twilight(thinking): He's right. I can't do much if he's resistant to death. How can I beat him?

Fairy: Twilight!

She turned to the window, and saw an orange colored fairy flying to her, with another card. However, the card looks different than any other card she or her friends have.

Fairy: Lady Oriel forgot to give you a Treasure Card.

Twilight: Treasure Card?


Uses Firecat on Twilight dealing -90 damage

Fairy: Use this Card, this is sure to defeat Rattlebones.

Twilight: This is certain to defeat him?

Fairy: Trust me. But you have to wait 3 rounds.

Twilight: Hmm it's worth a shot. Bring it on Rattlebones!

[Twilight Sparkle]

Rattlebones(90 Health)
Twilight(309 Health)

Uses Death Trap on Twilight increasing +30% to the next death attack

Twilight: Death Trap? Mustbe something i'll get soon.

Fairy: Wait two more rounds...

[Twilight Sparkle]

Rattlebones(90 Health)
Twilight(309 Health)

Fairy: One more round...

Rattlebones: You won't last another round, when I cast THIS!

Uses Ghoul on Twilight sapping -190 of health and reviving +60 of his health

Twilight: OW! now?!

Fairy: Next round.

[Twilight Sparkle]

Rattlebones(135 Health)
Twilight(119 Health)

Uses Dark Sprite on Twilight dealing -65 damage

Rattlebones: A valiant effort, young wizard. But it's over.

Fairy: Yeah, it's over. FOR YOU! Do it, Twilight!

Twilight: Right.

[Twilight Sparkle]
Uses Seraph on Rattlebones dealing -400 damage

[Rattlebones is Defeated]

Twilight: Wow, That was powerful. What spell was that?

Fairy: Seraph, more specifically, Lady Oriel. She's a spell Fluttershy gets when she's on a higher level. Here let me heal you up.

She then sprinkled magical healing dust on Twilight, restoring her health.

Twilight: I can't thank you enough, little one.

Fairy: It's Flitter, and it is we who can't thank you enough! With Rattlebones out of commission, all the fairies can be free from his dark curse, and Unicorn Way is safe from harm.

Twilight: Hmmm, it was nothing. Now come on, let's head back to Ceren.

Back with the group, everyone is finally noticing that all the fairies are turning back to normal, and all the Skeletal Pirates invading the area are high-tailing it out of  here.

Fluttershy: The fairies are turning back to normal!

Spike: Twilight did it!

Applejack: Now, if we can get that girl back in one piece...

Her words have been dismissed, when the group sees Twilight and her new fairy friend flying back to them.

Ceren: You did it! Now the fairies can sing again, you've bested that sinister skeleton, Rattlebones! I wish this was the last of our troubles, but we're not out of the dark woods yet.

Applejack: Nope, we got allot more to do.

Ceren: Yes, everything is peaceful in Unicorn Way now, but there's more of Wizard City that needs your help.

Flitter: And I'll join along!

All attention turned to the lone Forest Sprite.

Rarity: Pardon me for asking but, who are you?

Twilight: Oh! Everyone, this is Flitter. She got passed the death sphere and helped me beat Rattlebones.

Flitter: A pleasure to meet you all, with the help of a "special" card given to me by Lady Oriel, Twilight completely overpowered Rattlebones. And I wanna help all of you as much as I can.

Fluttershy: Aww, that's so sweet of you, Flitter. But can you handle it? Going with us maybe dangerous then you intended.

Flitter: It has been a dream to Traverse through a journey with wizards like you. Please let me go?

Our princess and her friends thought about the little forest sprite's offer for a little bit, then Twilight came up with a decision.

Twilight: did help me, so why not?

Flitter: OH BOY! I promise, you won't be disappointed!

Ceren: That's all and well, Flitter, but we need to go back to the matter at hand.

Flitter: Sorry.

Ceren: You need to deliver a message to the Headmaster on what has happened here. He may know what to do.

Twilight: On it, now let's go.

Spike: Couldn't I just take a letter to him?

Rainbow: I...think you can do that to only the princess.

Spike: Hmmmm now that you mention it, I don't think it'll work with Ambrose probably.

With their work done in Unicorn Way, as well as gaining a new friend who'll travel with them, our heroes headed back to the Commons to speak with Headmaster Ambrose to tell him what has transpired on the said street.
Spellbinding Ponies: Rattlebones and a New Friend
Chapter 4 where the ponies finish off Rattlebones, saved Unicorn Way, and Gaines a new ally to travel with them.
After registration is being processed and their wands and spell decks have been distributed, our heros crossed the Rainbow Bridge and headed to the gate of Unicorn Way, where a guard is blocking the way.

Guard: None shall pass! 

Rainbow Dash: What do ya mean none shall pass?

Twilight: Are you Private Stillston? 

Guard: Yes but you all need to go back to your dorms. Unicorn Way is off limits, there are ghosts everywhere, much too dangerous. 

Twilight: We don't have dorms, but we have a letter from the Headmaster.

Twilight, then gave with the waxed seal to Private Stillston. He then read it intently, then gave it back to her and moved aside.

Stillston: Looks legit. I'll let you pass, but be careful. Show this letter to Private Connelly, he should be the first guard you see.

Twilight: Thank you. 

Private Stillston, then switched a lever thus opening the gate, and our heros went through the tunnel. Stillston was absolutely right, there was a guard at the very front of Unicorn Way. They then walked up to the lone guard. 

Twilight: Private Connelly?

Connelly: Yes that's me. What can I do for you?

Twilight: We have this letter to show yous, sir.

She then levitated the letter with the wax seal to Private Connelly. 

Connelly: Ah, a letter from the Headmaster. You're here to help with the cause am I right?

Spike: That's us, sir! Reporting for duty!

Connelly: Well, your arrivals are a blessing. We need someone to chase off all the Lost Souls floating around. I could do it, but we're short on men and I need to stay at my post. 

Rainbow Dash: We'll help out!

Fluttershy: Um.... actually, can I sit this one out? I'm not comfortable about this.

Rarity: And I wouldn't dare fight something undead, where's the sense in that?

Rainbow Dash: You realize you need to fight at some point. All right it's me, Twilight, Applejack, Spike, Pinkie are you fighting? 

Pinkie: NOT YET! I gotta watch first, I wanna see how fun it is before I join in on the fun.

Twilight: Then it's settled, Me, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Spike will take out the Lost Souls, deal?

Rarity, Fluttershy, & Pinkie: DEAL!

Applejack: All right then, let's get to it!

They all walked up the path and spotted dozens of ghosts floating around the place.

Rainbow Dash: This looks like our guys.

Applejack: How do we fight em anyway?

Twilight: Follow my lead.

The 2 ponies and the dragon did what their princess said and followed her lead, preparing for the worst. But suddenly a battle circle appeared below them, they took position in the side Twilight was on. They took out their wands and spell decks, and engaged in battle.

Twilight(450 Health)
Rainbow Dash(400 Health)
Applejack(480 Health)
Spike(425 Health)
Lost Soul 1(55 Health)
Lost Soul 2(55 Health)
Lost Soul 3(55 Health)
Lost Soul 4(55 Health)

Rainbow Dash: So how does this work?

Twilight: Ok, you have the deck of cards the Headmaster gave you, use them any one you want. This is turn based, remember that. So I go first, then you, then Applejack, then Spike.

Spike: AWW man.

Twilight: you have to use the cards you have to knock them out. I go first, so I'll show you. 

[Twilight Sparkle]
Uses Dark Sprite on Lost Soul 3 dealing
-60 damage 

[Lost Soul 3 is defeated]

Fluttershy: Ooooh.

Rainbow Dash: Awesome!

Twilight: Now it's your turn, Rainbow. Take one of them down.

Rainbow Dash: No problem, this'll be over in 10 seconds flat!

[Rainbow Dash]

Rainbow Dash: WH-WHAT the heck man! It's supposed to be strong!

Fluttershy: Ambrose, did say that strength makes up for its accuracy.

Rainbow Dash: AWW man!

Twilight: Your turn, Applejack, think you can manage?

Applejack: We'll see.

Uses Scarab on Lost Soul 2 dealing -65 damage 

[Lost Soul 2 is defeated]

Applejack: Welp, that'll teach it.

Spike: My turn!


Spike: AWW man.


Twilight: We're not done yet, the remaining Lost Souls are gonna attack now; Be on your guard

[Lost Soul 1]
Uses Scarab on Spike dealing -65 damage 

Spike: Ow.

Fluttershy: Goodness Spike, are you OK?

Spike: Yeah it didn't do much.

[Lost Soul 4]
Uses its own physical attack on Applejack dealing -90 damage 

Whoo-wee now that hurt.....a bit

Twilight(450 Health)
Rainbow Dash(400 Health)
Applejack(390 health)
Spike(360 Health)
Lost Soul 1(55 Health)
Lost Soul 4(55 Health)

Twilight: Hmm all right Spike, Rainbow, since your magic didn't work the first time, I can skip my turn. What about you Applejack?

Applejack: Sure.

Rainbow Dash: Awesome we get a second chance!

[Twilight Sparkle]

[Rainbow Dash]

Rainbow Dash: OH COME ON!


Applejack:'s OK Sugarcube, you'll get it next round I guess....

Uses Firecat on Lost Soul 1 dealing -90 damage 

[Lost Soul 1 is Defeated]

Spike: Yes!

Rarity: Fantastic job, Spike, I knew you could do it!

Spike suddenly blushed at that remark.

Applejack: Not outta the woods yet partner, incoming!

[Lost Soul 4]
Uses Bloodbat on Spike dealing -65 damage 

Mane 6: EWWWW....

Rarity: How absolutely revolting!

Pinkie Pie, then looked at her spell deck, and found the exact same spell.

Pinkie: Hey, I have that!

Rarity: Oh my....I'm sorry, Pinkie.

Pinkie Pie: Huh?

Rarity: Nothing, darling nothing.

Twilight(450 Health)
Rainbow Dash(400 Health)
Applejack(390 Health)
Spike(290 Health)
Lost Soul 4(55 Health)

Twilight: Rainbow Dash, you have a spell for your wand. It never fizzles, you wanna use that to attack it?

Rainbow Dash: No way! I'm not giving up on my spell.

Twilight(sighs): Ok then.

[Twilight Sparkle]

Rainbow Dash(pleading): Don't fizzle, don't fizzle, DON'T FIZZLE.

[Rainbow Dash]
Uses Storm Snake on Lost Soul 4 dealing -115 damage 

[Lost Soul 4 is Defeated]

Rainbow Dash: WHOO HOO YEAH! Now THAT'S the power I'm looking for!

Pinkie: WHOO HOO! GO Dashie, Go Dashie, GO DASHIE YEAH!

Fluttershy: Congratulations, guys. You did a good job fending off those creatures.

Twilight: Thanks, Fluttershy. Now then let's head back to Private Connelly.

Immediately after the fight, our heroes went back to Private Connelly for the status report. 

Connelly: Did you finish them off?

Twilight: We did, sir. Those Lost Souls won't bother anyone anymore.

Connelly: HOO-HAA! We may actually have a fighting chance now, thanks again wizards!

Suddenly a strange feeling occurred in our hero. It's almost like...their strength increased, feeling stronger out of nowhere. 

Pinkie: Ooooh that must've been a doozy!

Applejack: Now that ya mentioned it, I did feel a bit funny outta nowhere. 

Connelly: You all must've leveled up. That's natural to all enrolled wizards.

Fluttershy: Leveled up?

Connelly: When you level up enough, you'll be able to learn more spells.

The 7: Ohhhhhhh.

Twilight: That is....actually a useful system.

Connelly: It is, and I'm sure you'll learn allot more from the Headmaster. As of now we need to deal with the task at hand, we need to find out the source of all this madness. By the gazebo you'll find a young wizard by the name, Ceren Nightchant, he may know what's going on.

Pinkie: It must be the gazebo other there then!

Twilight: Then, let's go.

Twilight and the group, then headed off to the gazebo they passed by before, and saw a young human boy dressed in green.

Fluttershy: You must be Ceren Nightchant, right?

Ceren: That's me! Professor Moolinda Wu sent me here to research the happenings of the fairies, but the guards stopped me from going forward. But they haven't stopped any of you yet.

Rarity: They haven't stopped us yet.   But we've been told that you might know what the trouble is, on Unicorn Way. 

Ceren: I've been hearing rumors, that the fairies on the street have been corrupted. I wanted to see for myself to see if it was true, but as I said before, the guards stopped me from going any further.

Fluttershy: Oh, those poor fairies! 

Twilight: Maybe we can investigate if it's true or not.

Ceren: Would you? And then come back to me? If they are corrupted then I can do what I can.

Rainbow Dash: Uh-

Fluttershy: Of course we can! Anything to help free those poor fairies.

And with a groan from Rainbow Dash, our heros steered to the path of the sidewalks and navigated through the streets to find the subject at hand.

Unfortunately, Ceren was right. To their surprise, and to Fluttershy's distraught, they came across a path teeming with fairies with hate in their eyes.

Fluttershy: This is terrible! Those poor fairies, I know they don't mean to be mean, but someone is making them cause havoc! 

Twilight: We're gonna have to fight them. Who knows? Maybe if we defeat them, they might turn back into normal.

Fluttershy: It's worth a shot. Who's going with me?

Rainbow Dash: Woah, you're gonna fight?

Fluttershy: Anything to help them, including violence if I have to.

Applejack: Ah could go for a round 2.

Pinkie: Me too!

Twilight: I'll join.

Fluttershy: All right then.(gulps) Let's do it.

The battle circle appeared below them, and the battle to save the fairies began.

Fluttershy(487 Health)
Applejack(507 Health)
Twilight(474 Health)
Pinkie(447 Health)
Dark Fairy 1(115 Health)
Dark Fairy 2(115 Health)
Dark Fairy 3(115 Health)
Dark Fairy 4(115 Health)

Applejack: You two know what to do?

Fluttershy: I-I think so.

Pinkie: Sure do!

Twilight: Fluttershy, you go first. Use your card on an enemy of your choice. 

Fluttershy: OK.

Uses Imp on Dark Fairy 1 dealing -65 damage

Spike: Uh oh, looks like the fairies has more health than the Lost Souls!

Rarity: Be careful, Fluttershy!

Uses Scarab on Dark Fairy 2 dealing -70 damage 

Applejack: Looks like our spells are stronger when we level up too.

Twilight: Yep. Now I'm gonna try my wand attack and see how much damage it'll do.

[Twilight Sparkle]
Uses Death Touch on Dark Fairy 1 dealing -50 damage

[Dark Fairy 1 is Defeated]

Rainbow Dash: It just...exploded. wasn't it suppose to turn back to normal?

Fluttershy(concerned): Oh no.....! I-I I killed an innocent fairy?

Twilight: Not quite. But we have to defeat them Fluttershy, or else they're going to tear Unicorn Way apart.

Fluttershy(concerned): Ohhh it just doesn't sit well with me, Twilight.  

Pinkie: MY TURN!

[Pinkie Pie]
Uses Bloodbat on Dark Fairy 1 dealing -85 damage 

[Dark Fairy 1 is Defeated]

Applejack: All right, two down, two to go.

[Dark Fairy 3]
Uses her Physical attack on Fluttershy dealing -90 damage 

Fluttershy: Ow!

Pinkie: You OK?

Fluttershy: Yeah, yeah it just hurts a bit.

[Dark Fairy 4]
Uses Firecat on Twilight dealing -85 damage 

Fluttershy(397 Health)
Applejack(507 Health)
Twilight(394 Health)
Pinkie Pie(447 Health)
Dark Fairy 3(115 Health)
Dark Fairy 4(115 Health)

Twilight: If we all fight them separately, we could finish them both off.

Applejack: 2-2?

Twilight: 2-2.

Fluttershy(sadly): OK.

Uses Imp on Dark Fairy 3 dealing -55 damage 

Uses Scarab on Dark Fairy 3 dealing -90 damage 

[Dark Fairy 3 is Defeated]

[Twilight Sparkle]
Uses Dark Sprite on Dark Fairy 4 dealing -75 damage 

[Pinkie Pie]
Uses Bloodbat on Dark Fairy 4 dealing -90 damage 

[Dark Fairy 4 is Defeated]

Fluttershy: Those poor fairies.

Twilight: Don't worry, Fluttershy. We'll set things right in Unicorn Way.

Applejack: Let's head back to Ceren, already. 

They followed Applejack, and went back to give the dire news to Ceren Nightchant back near the gazebo. 

Ceren: So, Unicorn Way IS being overrun by Dark Fairies? They've been corrupted,just as I feared. And you couldn't  change them back by fighting them? Oh that's really bad!

Fluttershy: What do we do?

Ceren: This needs to be addressed to Lady Oriel, the keeper of the Hedge Maze, and savior of the fairies. If anyone can help them, she can.

Rarity: Well, that's fantastic! Uh....where is she?

Ceren: The Hedge Maze is located at the end of the streets.

Twilight: I think I saw it during out fight with the fairies. Follow me, I think I know where it is.

As Twilight led her friends to the area she saw during their battle, they finally came across a large building at the end of the streets with the words "Hedge Maze" engraved on the top.

When they entered, they confronted a seraph in white, in the middle of the maze. They concluded the fact, that this maybe Lady Oriel.

Lady Oriel: Oh praise the stars, someone has finally come at last. You have come to save my fairies, yes?

Fluttershy: We are ma'am

Lady Oriel: Wonderful, simply wonderful! We must I do not know who is behind it all, but to do so, I must have a sample of dark fairy dust.

Pinkie: Here you go!

Pinkie Pie then gave Lady Oriel a bag of dark fairy dust, and immediately, she took the bag from Pinkie. 

Twilight(whispered): Where did you get that?

Pinkie: I snagged a bag when no one was looking, rather then going to another battle montage, I saved us the trouble and took some dark fairy dust. 

Twilight: Uh....

Lady Oriel: Oh no...

Everyone then turn their eyes to Lady Oriel, who looked like she saw a ghost or something . 

Lady Oriel: It's just what I feared. The dark force doing this is doing this, by trapping my fairies in bone cages, thereby corrupting them with a sinister magic within it.

Rarity: Well then, odds are there are fairies still trapped in the cages.

Lady Oriel: Then you all know what must be done. Free the fairies being held hostage in the cages. You'll find them throughout the streets.

Rainbow Dash: Consider it done!

The heros then split up and searched around the streets for any, bone cages. They all spotted cages of their own with a total of 6. Without any hesitation, the Mane 6 opened the cages letting out green balls of light each. 

After all the fairies have been freed from their prisons, our heroes went back to the Hedge Maze to meet back with Lady Oriel, when suddenly they heard a small voice. They looked around and found that the voice came from a freed fairy.

Fairy: Thank you for freeing me and my friends!

Applejack: T'wernt nothing.

Fairy: We did not mean to attack you, the cages made us all do bad things.

Fluttershy: That's what I thought too!

Fairy: Now we can all sing freely around for all Unicorn Way to enjoy. Thank you, wizards!

Fluttershy: Oh, you're welcome, little one. We'll get to the bottom of this.

Lady Oriel: We thank, young wizards. Thanks to your brilliant efforts, the fairies are free from their boney prisons. As a reward, I beseech to you, a new spell. This spell will allow you to summon one of my fairy friends when you are in dire need of health. Remember to put it in your deck, so you won't lose it.

Lady Oriel, then gives each the group a card of a fairy. Fluttershy's card however is a little different. Lady Oriel, then turns to Fluttershy.

Lady Oriel: You are a life wizard my friend. The card I gave to you will heal your friends rather than yourself. Use it with caution and care, Fluttershy. 

Fluttershy: I will, Lady Oriel. 

Then everyone then put their new spell card in their deck.

Lady Oriel: Now then, we must deal with the fiend causing this mess in the first place. My fairy friends spoke of a mysterious being whose bones cackle when he walks.

Spike: Bones cackle? Must be a skeleton. 

Lady Oriel: I may not know who it is, but Ceren Nightchant may have a clue of to who it is. He knows Unicorn Way more than me.

Applejack: Then let's book it back to Ceren.

As so they did, our group headed back and told Ceren Nightchant the situation on who's behind this.

Ceren: Lady Oriel said the one behind this placed the fairies in cages to corrupt them? Hmmm, I suspected it was Lady Blackhope, but even she couldn't pull this off.

Twilight: Spike thought that a skeleton maybe behind this. Any skeletons come into mind?

Ceren: Skeleton? OH-OF COURSE! Who could it be, but Rattlebones!

Spike: Rattlebones?

Ceren: When I first came here, I wanna baffled on to who was behind this. But now, there's no doubt about it, Rattlebones is the true culprit. Twilight, Rattlebones put in a death globe around my friend Delia's tower. I examined you guys closely and came to the conclusion that you, Twilight are the only death of your group. You're going to have to fight Rattlebones alone.

Twilight: Alone? But my friends-

Rainbow Dash: Will be safe with Ceren. 

Rarity: You need to go on and stop him.

Fluttershy: We know you can do it.

Pinkie: And we'll be cheering for you! 

A grin of relief and confidence came to Twilight. Sure she may fight him alone, but with her friends near, she won't fail.

Twilight: Thanks guys. Now, let's do this.

Twilight sped off like a bullet and flew to Rattlebones, for the fight for the fairies.
Spellbinding Ponies: Unicorn Way
Chapter 3 of our crossover story where the adventure starts off in Unicorn Way.
After the Council of Friendship told all of Ponyville about their journey, and taking a good night's sleep, our Heros immediately took the first train to Canterlot, and met with Celestia and Luna in the Library Archives.

Celestia: Is everypony accounted for?

Mane 6 & Spike: YES!

Luna: And preparations are in order?

Applejack: Got some apple treats to grub out on whenever we need to.

Pinkie: And I never leave home without my cakes, pies, and of course, PARTAY CANNON! I think we're fine, Princess.

Celestia: Very well, follow me.

The two princesses escorted out heros to the Starswirl the Bearded Wing, into a dead end. There doesn't seem to be much, is what the Mane 6 is thinking.

Rainbow Dash: It's just a old book wing. Where's the action?

Celestia: Patience, Rainbow. When it comes to Starswirl, things are not what they appear.

With a smirk on her muzzle, Celestia held on to a book sticking out. When suddenly, the entire book shelf moved with a rumble, opening a secret passage.

Twilight: Is that....?

Celestia: Starswirl's private study.

The 7 heros gasped in awe as they stood upon a large room with a giant sketches of a swirl. But what really caught their attention was a door placed in the middle of the room.

Spike: Transportation to around the Spiral is a door? Kinda bland, don't you think?

Luna: There are many other means of transportation to the worlds of the Spiral. But wizards would use a more direct approach and created the necessary ways to travel in and out, a door, and a key.

Within her magical grasp, Luna levitated two keys. One clearly looks Equestrian, and one key with a tree on the base.

Celestia: This key will take you to Wizard City, the central thread that hold the Spiral. Take this key, and use it to unlock the pathway to Wizard City, home of all wizards.

Luna: When you get there, you must speak to Merle Ambrose, he will guide you through the path to Malistaire.

Rarity: And what of this key?

Celestia: This key will take you back to Equestria, but if only for an emergency will you come back, I'm afraid.

Luna: But be on guard, though not only Malistaire, but many foes will strike. but we have the utmost confidence that you will handle it all.

Celestia: It is time.

Twilight, then came up to her mentor and hugged her, knowing that she won't see her or Equestria for a long time.

Twilight: Do I really have to? I'll miss you.

Celestia: You maybe far away from Equestria, but know that you will not alone, and I will be contacting any way possible. Take care, my student.

Twilight: Take care, Princess.

With that, the Mane 6 and Spike said their goodbyes and entered the key to the hole, thereby jumping the Spiral itself entering Wizard City. When they found the door leading to Wizard City, they opened it and found themselves in a tree like sanctuary.

After opening the door leading out of the sanctuary, our heros gazed in awe and amusement looking entirely unfamiliar scenery. They gazed upon many peculiar sights, from 5 small buildings, to peculiar species known as hunans, something Twilight only knows much about, since she was one herself.

Rarity: This place is.....breathtaking!

Applejack: I'll say, ah've never seen anything like this.

Rainbow: It looks so, AWESOME!

Twilight: I agree that this place is already breathtaking, but priorities first, girls. We need to find this Merle Ambrose guy; he'll help us find Malistaire.

Fluttershy: Maybe that tunnel over there can lead us to him.

Fluttershy, then pointed at a tunnel just across from them with the words "Commons" engraved on the top of it. Thinking Fluttershy may be right about looking in a different location, our heros made their way into the tunnel.

Out of the tunnel they found themselves in another breathtaking sight. 4 tunnels in place, many neutral happy faces, a Fairyground seen at the other side. And a big tower overseeing the whole place.

Rainbow Dash: That's a big house. I'm guessing this Ambrose guy lives here.

Twilight: You maybe right, let's go.

It was then that the 7 heros entered the front of the tower, with Twilight knocking the door. At that moment two voices were heard from the other side.

???'s Voice: Oh my, it must be them!

Other Voice: Who?

???'s Voice: The Princess' star students. Oh, come in, come in, the door is opened.

The Mane 6 and Spike entered the room seeing that it was completely messy, books and papers were scattered everywhere, on the floor and on the table. But one noticeable sight is an old man with a bushy, white beard and a monocle. He's wearing an royal blue robe trimmed in red and hat with a pattern of stars and crescent moons, and wielded a cane styled staff with a crystal blue energy ball floating between the staff.

The other figure is a white owl wearing glasses, as well as a graduate's cap, and a star and crescent moon patterned scarf, standing on the bird stand.

Fluttershy: Are you, Merle Ambrose?

Ambrose: Indeed, I am, my dear. I am Merle Ambrose, Headmaster of the Ravenwood School of Academy Arts. And this is my companion, Gamma.

Gamma: A pleasure to meet all of you!

Ambrose: While you were making your way here, I have been contacted by your teacher, and the burden to assist you is on my shoulders. Make no mistake, Malistaire is indeed up to something regarding the revival of dear, Sylvia Drake, and the fate of the Spiral is on your hands!

Gamma: Before we can catch him, we must clean up the mess he made here, in Wizard City.

Ambrose: But in order to stop Malistaire's plan, and save Wizard City, you must be taught magic.

Rainbow Dash: Magic? Isn't that a Unicorn thing?

Gamma: Of course, but even Pegasi and Earth Ponies can cast spells, if they have the proper equipment. A wand, and these

Gamma held out the same type of cards the Princess showed Twilight, back in the duel with Malistaire.

Twilight: These are the cards Princess taught me.

Ambrose: Correct. And now, it's time you earn your own deck of spells. But in order to do so, you must have a class type.

Pinkie: Class type?

Ambrose: The Book of Secrets will indicate what class you each are perfect for, like your Cutie Mark, they indicated what your talent is. Each of you must answer the question given in the book, and it will indicate what school you're in.

The 7 heroes did as Ambrose told them to do, and answered all the questions provided in the Book of Secrets. After each of them answered the questions given to them, the book suddenly flew away from them, and projected out our heroes cutie marks and peculiar symbols next to them.

Next to Applejack's cutie mark shows symbol shaped like a Balance scale.

Next to Rainbow Dash's cutie mark shows a symbol shaped like an Electric swirl

Rarity's cutie mark shows a symbol shaped like a Snowflake next to it

Spike had no cutie mark since he's a dragon but for him it shows fire symbol illuminated in green, coincidentally the color of HIS fire

Twilight's cutie mark shows a symbol of a Swirl-eyed skull next to it

Next to Pinkie Pie's cutie mark shows a symbol shaped like a Triangle with an eye in the middle.

And finally Fluttershy's cutie mark shows a Leaf-swirled symbol next to it.

Ambrose: And there my friend, is your school symbols. Now, let me see, Applejack, you scored in the school of Balance, a combination of all the schools combined.

Applejack: Now that sounds mighty  promising.

Gamma: Rainbow Dash, for your determined attitude, and fierce power, you scored in the Storm School. A school although weak from accuracy, defense, and health, makes up for unimaginable power.

Rainbow Dash: AWW YEAH! I'm definitely gonna like this school!

Ambrose: Rarity, for your generosity towards others,and an impressive hunter of gemstone hmm-hmmm, you have entered average in the school of Ice, where it is weak in attacks, it makes up for defense and accuracy.

Rarity: School of Ice is it? It does sound delightful.

Gamma: Spike, for your burning, ambition and am everlasting, flame of compassion towards all, you have scored into the School of Fire.

Spike: I knee it; I AM a dragon, after all.

Ambrose: Princess Twilight Sparkle, ohh my...

Twilight(concerned): What is it? Did I pass?

Ambrose: You did pass, but you have scored into the School of Death.

Twilight: HUH?! I fall into darkness like Malistaire? If so then maybe a different school can do? Please?

Gamma: Do not worry, Princess. You will not fall in the same fate as Malistaire. In fact, I have confidence that you will be the better student than many of the Necromancers.

Twilight: You really think that?

Gamma: I know that.  Now then, to continue. Pinkie Pie, bringing laughter to all, aiding friends whenever they are sad or Clouded in gloom. Rather mythical if I do say so myself, which is why you, my dear, scored in the School of Myth.

Pinkie: Oooh, School of Myth? You're right, it does sound mythical!

Ambrose: And finally, Fluttershy. The kindest of the bunch. Caring for animals when necessary, but at the same time, very fragile to her own kin. There's no doubt about it, Fluttershy. You scored in the School of Life, and it suits you perfectly.

Fluttershy: Oh my, What will I do?

Ambrose: In the School of Life, you can heal those but yourself, and aid to the animals and the gardens.

Rainbow Dash: Sounds like back home doesn't it?

Fluttershy: It really does. I think I'll enjoy the school if it means aiding my friends and animals.

Ambrose: Now then, Gamma and I shall file your registration forms. In the meantime, it's time to clean the mess Malistaire had made.

Pinkie: No problem! Where should we start?

Ambrose: You should start with Unicorn Way. Please, delivery  this letter to Private Stillston, at the Unicorn Way gate. You'll need it, or else he won't let you pass.

Ambrose then gives the letter with a waxed seal to Twilight.

Rainbow Dash: Sounds good to me! Let's go!

Gamma: Just a minute! You mustn't forget your wands, and your spell decks.

Ambrose: Oh goodness me! How could I have forgotten them? Here you are ladies and Spike of course.

Ambrose then levitated (with his staff) 7 card decks and 7 wands to the Princess and her friends. There seems to be two type of spell cards already in there.

Ambrose: This is your basic card deck, you will have the chance buy a new one when you're ready. Now then, good luck, and Welcome my friends, to Wizard City.

Twilight: Thank you, Headmaster. Now then, let's go.

Mane 6 & Spike: YEAH!

And thus, the adventure begins
Spellbinding Ponies: The Book of Secrets
Chapter 3 of Spellbinding Ponies, where our journey begins in Wizard City.
Rarity: Worlds OUTSIDE Equestria?

After the mayhem of Malistaire, Our story continues in the Throne Room, with the Mane 6, the Princesses and Spike.

Celestia: Yes. Equestria is one of many worlds held together in the Spiral. It was a discovery, founded by Starswirl the Bearded.

Twilight: The Spiral? But, I've been doing research of many things throughout Equestria, but never have I read any books regarding this "Spiral"

Spike: Which REALLY surprises me, since Twilight has a book on pretty much EVERYTHING!

Luna: We were going to give you the information of this matter when you are ready, which I thought was soon. But it seems Malistaire, has already given you a hint that he isn't from here.

Applejack: Who is this Malistaire feller anyway?

Luna: Malistaire Drake, he use to be the most powerful and kind-hearted being in Wizards City. But ever since the death of his beloved, Sylvia Drake, he became black-hearted, wallowing in saddness, distraught, rage.

Celestia: Malistaire didn't want to let go of Sylvia, so he became reckless, and make an attempt to bring her back from the dead.

Fluttershy: But why is it a problem, Princess? I mean, I know I would bring a loved one back if I was in his shoes.

Celestia: I'm afraid you don't understand the outcome of this situation. Malistaire plans to go to extreme measures to bring back Sylvia. Measures that could threaten Equestria, and the worlds within the Spiral as well.

Fluttershy: Oh...I guess that is a problem.

Rarity: And all the more reason to stop him. He must accept Sylvia's fate, let her rest in peace.

Luna: Yes. But, I'm afraid reasoning with him was long overdue. When one like, Malistaire falls into darkness, they are far out of reach. We must stop him at all cost.

Twilight: My question is: How is he going to do it? And where should we start?

Celestia: That is for you to find out, Twilight. You and your friends must put a stop to Malistaire and his plans, before he causes destruction to everypony and everyone.

Rainbow Dash: But where do we start?

Applejack: And how can we get ta these other worlds?

Pinkie: And when can we celebrate your birthday?!

Everypony stared at Pinkie in confusion, some in disbelief.

Pinkie: What?

Rarity: Darling, don't you think there are, you know, more important things than that?


Twilight: Actually, that kinda is important. I'm sorry Malistaire trashed your special day, Princess.

Celestia: It really is fine, Twilight. As much as I would enjoy, celebrating my birthday, we must deal with the task at hand. After all, I didn't need to ask for any present. The best gift I have, is reuniting with my sister, for all these years.

Luna(teary-eyed): Ohhhh Tia...

At an instant, the two sisters simply hugged each other, as well as the Mane 6 and Spike joining in on the sisterly love.

Later after the meeting, the Mane 6 and the Dragon messenger traveled back to Ponyville via train to tell the town, as well as setting up for their big journey. At Sweet Apple Acres, Applejack called upon her family to tell them about what's going on.

Applejack: So, yeah that's the long an, short of it.

Apple Bloom: How long will ya be gone?

Applejack: Don't know how long this quest will take, but I'll come back.

Granny Smith: Well ya better not go without some snacks when yer about as hungry as a wild horse. I'll pack some apple treats Fer you and yer friends before ya head out.

Applejack: Thanks, Granny.

She then turns towards Big Mac.

Applejack: Take care of the farm?

Big Mac: Eeyup.

And at that moment, the Apples joined together for a group hug. Meanwhile at the Carousel Boutique, Rarity was handing her sister, Sweetie Belle a list of chores to do while she was away.

Rarity: Mop the floors, clean the dishes, most importantly, watch after Opal. I do NOT want her claw scratches on my dresses again, understand?

Sweetie Belle: Got it!

Rarity: And Zipporwhill and her father is supposed to be coming here to pick up her dress for her Cuté-cinera. Think you can introduce the dress properly?

Sweetie Belle: Of course! Just go on your quest, Rarity, I can handle things from here.

Rarity: Tomorrow, you're the Queen of the House, I trust you to keep this place in tip-top shape until return.

Sweetie Belle: Which long?

Rarity: I don't know.

Meanwhile, in Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie was having a mare - crock chat with her pet Gummy.

Pinkie: All right, Gummy. I don't know how long I'll be out, but I'm counting on you to watch the store while I'm gone. Can you handle it?

Gummy gave his owner a blank always.

Pinkie: I have full confidence in you, Gummy! And remember, when you look at the customers, OFFER SERVICE WITH SMILES!

Pinkie Pie gave her pet a big ol' smile, which has been acknowledged with a slow blink. Meanwhile in Fluttershy's cottage, Fluttershy is giving her chaotic friend, Discord a small list of chores to do

Fluttershy: Now remember to give the chickens their feed 3 times a day. Morning, afternoon, and night. Oh an make sure to give Angel his bath. He may be a bit aggressive about it, but I'm confident you'll handle it.

Discord: Oh don't worry your silly little head, I have these animals in my command. You can count on me, dear Fluttershy. And hey, I at least have the whole cottage to myself!

Fluttershy(concerned): Somehow that's the one thing that worries me...

Up in the skies, Rainbow Dash tried to tell her number 1 fan about what's going on,unfortunately for her, Rainbow can't find her own number 1 fan.

Rainbow Dash: Scoots? Scoots? Where is that filly?

Rainbow, looked high and low for Scootaloo, but no matter how far she went, and how hard she looked, Scootaloo just can't be found. She then spotted a grey colored colt with a black mane.

Rainbow Dash: Hey, Rumble!

Dash flew down to where the said colt is standing.

Rainbow Dash: Rumble, have you seen Scootaloo?

Rumble: Uh I don't think so, she wasn't in class today. Maybe she went to do her stunts.

Rainbow Dash: Maybe....look if you see her, tell her me and my friends are heading out a journey. Princess' orders.

Rumble: You got it, Rainbow!

At the speed of light, Rainbow Dash headed home to sleep for the big adventure to come. Meanwhile in the Castle of Friendship, Spike and Twilight were just ready to go to bed.

Twilight: We gotta get some rest, Spike. We need to conserve our energy for the big trip tomorrow.

Spike: Fine, fine. It's just so exciting really, we're actually going to other worlds, not just places, WORLDS! Who knows what'll be waiting for us when we get there?

Twilight: I know you're excited, Spike, but you won't be able to see them if you oversleep, now will you?


Twilight: Good, now go to sleep.

Spike: All right, all right.

Twilight(thinking): Though he's not wrong, it does seem exciting. Seeing worlds beneath the stars, who knows what'll await on my journey? With my friends by my side, it'll be a journey worth waiting for. What species will we see there? And what people and creatures will we meet? Every time I even think of it, curiosity will peak.

And thus our story shall begin.
Spellbinding Ponies: Worlds Outside Equestria?
Chapter 2 of Spellbinding Ponies. Next chapter will definitely jump to Wizard101.


James Valcourt
United States
Current Residence: 12 yankee doodle ct
Favourite genre of music: rock
Favourite style of art: the scream
Operating System: computer
Favourite cartoon character: sora
Personal Quote: feel the heat
Flippy and Flipqy's Confrontation

It's over now, I know inside
No one will ever know

The sorry tale of Flipqy Hyde,
And those who died,
No one must ever know.

They'd only see the tragedy
They'd not see my intent

The shadow of Hyde's evil,
Would forever kill the good
That I had meant

Am I a good bear?
Am I a mad bear?

It's such a fine life
Between a good bear
And a-

Do you really think,
That I would EVER let you go?

Do you think
I'd ever set you free?

If you do, I'm sad to say,
It simply isn't so
You will never get away from ME.

(Out showing in the pond a reflection of Evil Flippy)

All that you are is a face in the mirror
I'd close my eyes and you disappear

I'm what you face when you're facing a mirror
LONG as you live I will still be here

All that you are is the end of a nightmare
All that you are is a dying scream
After tonight, I shall end this demon dream!

This is not a dream, my friend
And it will never end

This one is the nightmare
That goes on!

You may pretend!
And he'll flourish, so long after you are GONE!

Soon when it dies, all my memories will hide you.
You cannot CHOOSE but to lose control!

You can't control me, I live deep inside you!
Hastily, fearfully devouring your soul!

I don't need you to survive, like you need me,
I'll become whole as you dance with DEATH!
And I'll rejoice as you breath your final BREATH!

Ha ha ha!


With SATAN, himself by my side!


And I know that now and forever,
You'll never be able to SEPARATE
Jekyll from Hyde!!

Can't you see, it's
OVER now!
It's time to die!

No one will die

If I die,
YOU die too!

You'll die in me,
I'll BE you!


Can't you see?
You ARE me!

NOOO! Deep inside!

YOU are Hyde!

No, Never!

Yes, Forever!

Goddamn you, Hyde!
Take all your evil deeds and ROT IN HELL!!

I'll see you there, Jekyll!

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