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Continuing with the story, Applejack and Rarity explains to Ambrose and the group what has transpired in their venture through the street of flames, Firecat Alley.

Ambrose: It's just as I feared. Malistaire is trying to keeping us from finding out his true plans, by causing chaos and mayhem on each street. We must uncover his plans, post haste for the sake of our school!

Fluttershy: But how? We don't even know where he went.

Ambrose: I will have to think on that. It seems Malistaire has more followers than we think. Not only in Wizard City, but the rest of the worlds in the Spiral as well.

Rainbow Dash: Well, let's go to the worlds and find him already!

Twilight: There are many worlds out there, Rainbow. We don't know which one he could be in.

Ambrose: And although you have proven your strength throughout the day, I fear it is a different story traveling through the Spiral underleveled.

Applejack: What do you mean?

Twilight: I think he means we're not ready to go to the other world's yet.

Ambrose: Correct. I'm terribly sorry, girls, but there are tougher enemies out there, and you aren't a high enough level to continue.

Rainbow Dash: Well that's not fair!

Pinkie: Well, we did have that tingling feeling 6 times. So we're level...6?

Ambrose: Yes. In order to go through the Spiral, you must be at least level 10

Rainbow Dash: 4 levels away? That's even more unfair!

Twilight: So what do we do?

Ambrose: First things First, I must send you all to train your spell cards efficiently and accurately.

Rainbow Dash: Training? C'mon I wanna fight bad gu- on second thought, I could use the training.

Applejack: We all could use the training. I ain't really use to the whole card system

Rarity: Agreed. We must train if we are ever to face Malistaire in the mere future.

Twilight: All right, so we're going to train first. Who's going to train us?

Ambrose: I want you all to speak with Diego, in Unicorn way. He is Wizard City's finest duelmaster. If anyone can teach you the art of dueling, he certainly can

Spike: Oh, I remember him! He's the Unicorn standing in front of that arena near the entrance right?

Ambrose: That is correct. Now, I wish you good luck! And by the time your training is finished, I'm certain you'll understand a little more about dueling. And after your training I have a task for you myself.

So it was then that the Mane 6 and Spike exited the Headmaster's office.


They finally returned to Unicorn Way, where, behind an arena, stands a jet black Unicorn, and his silver mane.

Unicorn: Hello my friends, it is truly an honor to meet you all, especially you, Princess Twilight.

Twilight: You know us?

Unicorn: Of course! The unicorns from Valencia would often trade with Unicorns from Canterlot.

Rarity: You make trades with Canterlot?

Unicorn: Sí. Though ever since Princess Luna turned into Nightmare Moon, all trade vessels from other world's have been cut off from Equestria.

Twilight: Uh...

Unicorn: OH! Where are my manners? Let me introduce myself. I am Diego Santiago Quariquez Ramirez III. But you may refer to me as, Diego the Duelmaster.

Twilight: Oh, well the Headmaster sent us to you, so you can teach us more about dueling.

Diego: But of course. Simply enter the arena through the door behind me and we can begin.


The seven wizards entered through the door only to find an arena, as well as a puppet standing in the middle of the room. It was then that Diego finally entered the arena.

Diego: Welcome, girls, to the Wizard City arena, where wizards, scribes and mages from across the Spiral compete for glory and honor. I closed the arena for training hours, especially you.

Fluttershy: How kind of you, Diego.

Diego: Now then, before we can begin, I need one volunteer to compete against the puppet.

Applejack: Eh what the hay. I'll go.

Diego: Splendid! Now, step up to the puppet and we can begin the training. The rest of you must sit in the audience stands.

So all has been followed, the mane 6 and the little dragon sat down in the arena seats acting as the audience, while Applejack approached the puppet, summoning the battle circle, and began the duel.

Applejack(615 Health)
Clockwork Golem(885 Health)

Diego: Let us begin with exploring the ways of Power Points, but you may call them Pips for short. Pips are magical energy. With more Pips, you will be able to cast more powerful spells.

Applejack: And I get those lil' Pips every round, right?

Diego: That is right. And you can see the number of Pips you have just by looking at the circle under your hooves.

Applejack looked down her circle seeing she has only one Pip.

Diego: Now, look at your card. You can see it has a pip cost on the upper right hand corner.

In the audience ring, Twilight looked at her Ghoul card and sees a number two at the right hand corner of it. She then...took notes?

Spike: Uh...did you carry that since we came here?

Twilight: It's the Spiral, Spike. You'll never know what you'll learn outside of Equestria.

Diego: Now, let us start with a spell with the cost of two Pips.

Applejack: But don't I only have 1 Pip?

Diego: Correct. You have only 1 Pip. Therefore, you must pass this round.

Applejack: That thing ain't gonna attack me right?

Diego: Of course not, I made sure of it.

Applejack: Uh, OK.

Diego: You can also use zero rank spells to save up Pips.


[Clockwork Golem]

Applejack(615 Health)
Clockwork Golem(885 Health)

Diego: Good! You skipped a round, gaining another Pip. You can now cast the Troll Spell.

As soon as Applejack raised the Troll card, she found another card in Diego's deck, a card with the pictures of....a fist?

Applejack: What is that, a fist?

Diego: Yes. You have drawn another card, Tough. It is an enchantment card.

Meanwhile in the audience bin,

Twilight: Enchantment cards? Hmm...

She took down notes as she's listening to Diego's tutorial.

Diego: Enchantment cards can improve the power of the other cards in your hand.


Applejack:.....Ya lost me there, Diego.

Diego: I'll show you. Use your wand to levitate the tough card on top of the Troll card.

She did as Diego says and levitated the two cards in contact with each other. They suddenly reacted and fused with each other. As a result, the Troll card floated down the Earth Pony Sorcerer glimmering more than usual.

Diego: You see, Applejack? The Troll card and the Tough card fused with each other, creating a Treasure Card. It is enchanted to do more damage than usual.

One of the ponies in the audience ring raised her hoof.

Fluttershy: Um, excuse me? I have a question.

Diego: Yes, Fluttershy?

Fluttershy: What happens if we don't want to use Treasure Cards?

Diego: Treasure Cards can be sold to the local bazaar. But if you do not want to sell it, Treasure Cards unused will be put back into your deck at the end of a duel.

Fluttershy: Oh, OK.

Diego: Now then, Applejack, since you have 2 Pips now, you can now cast the Troll spell on the Puppet.

Applejack: About time.

Uses Troll on Clockwork Golem dealing -275 damage.

[Clockwork Golem]

Applejack(615 Health)
Clockwork Golem(610 Health)

Diego: Now you are back to 1 Pip, yes?

Applejack: Yeah.

Diego: Excellent. Now let us give you another deck.

The Unicorn trainer then takes away Applejack's current deck in replace of a new one, with three completely different spells. But what's noticeable about them is that they all have a 3 in the corner of their card.

Diego: With only one Pip, you cannot cast any of these 3rd rank spells. You must wait two rounds for them.

Applejack: Seriously? Two rounds for these cards?

Diego: But wait! There is another way to cast them without waiting. Let me show you.

Gained a Power Pip

Diego: I have given you a POWER PIP, see?

Applejack: Power Pip?

Diego: Yes. At the beginning of a each round, you have a chance to gain a Power Pip more than a regular Pip.

Applejack: So what is it?

Diego: Power Pips double the amount a regular Pip would cost...BUT only for the spells in your own class.

Twilight: So let's see. Applejack has one Pip and one POWER Pip. She can cast any two spells she wants, right?

Diego: That is one way, Miss Sparkle, yes. Or she can cast the 3rd rank spell in focus: 1 point for the Pip + 2 points for the Power Pip.

Rarity: 3 Pips in total!

Diego: Exactly! And with three Pips in total, you can use your 3rd rank spell on the Puppet. Cast it now!

The farm pony looked through the deck, finding the 3rd rank balance spell.

Applejack: Hmmm...Locust Swarm huh? Let's try this baby out.

Uses Locust Swarm on Clockwork Golem dealing -300 damage.

Applejack(615 Health)
Clockwork Golem(310 Health)

Applejack: HOO-WHEE That sure was powerful!

Diego: Outstanding! Now then, let us look into another type of spell card.

Diego took Applejack's current deck once again replacing it with another deck. He then pulls out a Fire Shield card from the deck, giving it to her.

Diego: A Ward is uses to protect you from future spells. The card I have, is a FIRE Ward. Once you cast it on someone, the Fire Ward will HANG in front of them, waiting to be activated.

Spike: It'll be activated by a fire spell right?

Diego: Allow me to show you. Applejack, cast the Fire Ward on yourself and see what happens.

Uses Fire Shield on herself decreasing 80% of damage to incoming spell

Diego: See how it hangs near your hooves? Now see how it protects you.

[Clockwork Golem]
Uses Firecat on Applejack dealing -25 damage

Applejack(590 Health)
Clockwork Golem(310 Health)

Diego: You see? The spell activated and helps you resist most of the damage.

Applejack: That'll be handy, I guess.

Diego: It WILL come in handy, my friend. Now then, let's go over one other hanging spell.

A card levitated out of the spell deck.

Diego: This spell is called Iceblade. Cast it on yourself and see what happens.

Applejack: All right.

Uses Iceblade on herself dealing 30% damage to the next Ice spell.

[Clockwork Golem]

Applejack(590 Health)
Clockwork Golem(310 Health)

Diego: Charms are the opposite of Wards. Wards affect spells that other people cast on you, Charms affect spells that you cast on other people. Cast the Frost Beetle and see what happens.

Uses Frost Beetle on Clockwork Golem dealing -145 damage

[Clockwork Golem]

Applejack(590 Health)
Clockwork Golem(145 Health)

Diego: Do you see? The Frost Beetle triggered the Iceblade, making it much more powerful.

Rarity: How marvelous!

Diego: Now then, let us cover one last hanging spell, Aura spells.

Applejack: Aura spells?

Diego: Aura spells. They affect the target multiple times in combat.

Spike: An overtime spell? Just like my Fire Elf!

Diego: Exactly, my dragon friend. Speaking of Fire Elf, we will be using that as an Aura spell example. The Fire Elf makes up 240 damage spreading for three rounds. Let's see how it works. Cast the Fire Elf on the puppet.

Uses Fire Elf on Clockwork Puppet dealing -50 damage +overtime

[Clockwork Golem takes -50 damage from overtime attack]

[Clockwork Golem]

Applejack(590 Health)
Clockwork Golem(95 Health)

Diego: Good. Now pass and see what happens.


[Clockwork Golem takes -50 damage from overtime attack]

[Clockwork Golem]

Applejack(590 Health)
Clockwork Golem(45 Health)

Diego: And again?


[Clockwork Golem takes -50 damage from overtime attack]

[Clockwork Golem is defeated]

Diego: Well done! You have defeated the puppet and concluded your training. I hope these lessons will help you in the near future. See you all soon!

Twilight: Thank you for the training, Diego. What do you think, girls?

Applejack: I think I got the gist of this.

Rarity: This will prove quite useful for the future!

Rainbow Dash: Yep.

Twilight: Let's head back to the Headmaster. He said he needs us after training. Thank you again, Diego!

Diego: Any time, my friends! Send my regards to the Headmaster!

At that, the Mane 6 and Spike went back to the Headmaster's Office.
Spellbinding Ponies: Advance Combat
The next chapter continuing the journey of the Mane 6's adventure in the Spiral. Where this time, to understand the basics of combat, they train with Diego to learn about the art of dueling.
After dealing with the Troggy bombardment in the jungles of Skull Mountain, Scootaloo and her crew entered into the Skull Cave to continue their search for the Jade Amulet. As they traversed through the cave, they found another path.

Bonnie: Here, behind the waterfall! Another path. We're going to need to cut our way through it.


Subodai, with no trouble at all, cut the vines down, showing another room.

Bonnie: Well, that was easy. Let's press on.

The crew agreed and went into the next room, where there's a big gaping hole in the walls. Someone must of broken through here.

Subodai: We could use this hole to return to the town. A shorter path. Good.

Scootaloo: But AFTER we find Fin and the amulet. For now, let's go.

They continued on, breaking through the stone door, and continued on through the temple corridor. When they entered the temple, they noticed that the entire place is flooded and swarming with crocodile creatures.

Bonnie: Be careful, captain. This place is swarmin' with Crockagaters.

Subodai: Keep the walls, they will not notice you.

Scootaloo: Noted.

The crew sneaked past the "Crockagaters" and braved through the flooded tunnels.

Finally, after sneaking past MORE Cutthroats, they found another tunnel leading to a big chamber. There's one problem, however.

Scootaloo: Over there. Maybe that's where Fin went.

Bonnie: One problem, captain. The water's too deep, we'll never make it.

Silver Spoon: Yeah, we'll drown if we go now! There has to be another way.

Subodai: Anything. Fin must not escape.

???: You there, over here!

Their attention was suddenly directed to a grey furred dog pirate, hiding behind a pillar.

Scootaloo: You must be Shepard right?

Shepard: Sergeant Shepard. Why do you ask?

Bonnie: Yer pal, Livsey sent us to get Fin and retrieve Avery's amulet.

Shepherd: Livsey sent ye? Good. After me and Livsey split up, I made my way here, watchin' and listening. You were right on looking here. Fin's across the way in his throne room. The girl is right, you'll never make it through these rough waters.

Scootaloo: After what we've been through, we can't stop now.

Shepard: Don't worry, you'll get yer chance to take Fin down. Right now we need to deal with the waters.

Silver Spoon: The place is pretty flooded. What happened?

Shepard: The Troggies love their water. They took refuge here and flooded the temple.

Scootaloo: we like drain the place? But how?

Shepard: There's a shrine at the end of the tunnels. Go to the shrine, and press the three keystones on the three statues. Once you press them, the tunnel will drain.

Subodai: But clearly, those creatures will not leave the shrine unguarded.

Shepard: Right you are, those Troggies are holed up in there. Plus you need to get into the shrine first, it's locked up tight. I overheard the Cutthroats talking, one of them has the key.

Scootaloo: Then we'll give them a proper...uh what's the word...again?

Shepherd: Welcome?

Scootaloo: Beating. That's the word, let's give them a proper beating.

Everyone stared at the little filly in shock. Wouldn't you blame them? This was coming from a mere filly!

Bonnie: That's a bit dark. Even for a little pony like ye.

Scootaloo: Hey, I'm a pirate now. Can't always be a goody two-shoes, now can we?

Everyone looked at the darkened filly in silence. Until Silver Spoon broke the ice.

Silver Spoon: You're starting to grow on me, you know?

Subodai: Enough. We will talk about your behavior later, right now we must get the key.


After dealing with a few Cutthroats, they finally found the key to the Troggy shrine. They braved the temple corridor, until they reached the end of the hall.

A door.

Scootaloo: This looks like the place. Let's get em.

They nodded in agreement and pushed the gate, opening the temple door. Once they entered the temple they were confronted by the Troggies once again, and a Troggy Shaman leading the pack.

Troggy Shaman: Eep, Oop, Oop, Aaah!

Subodai: I grow tired of these fools. To the keystones, now!

While Subodai held off the troggies, Bonnie, Scootaloo, and Silver Spoon scattered the shrine to press the keystones on the temple statuses. Though of course, they need to fight Troggies on the way.

Scootaloo went the center rout to a statue in the back of the room. She was just about to press the keystone on the statue, but...

Troggy Shaman: AAAAH!

The Troggy leader casted a spell and projected magical energy towards Scootaloo, but she successfully blocked the upcoming attack giving Subodai the perfect opportunity to beat the Troggy down.

Scootaloo: Nice timing, Subodai.

Subodai: Thank you, Captain. Your block is improving as well.

Scootaloo: Thanks.

She pressed the keystone and as a result, the drain located at the middle of the room lowered a bit, then suddenly lowered again, knowing one of the crew must of pressed one of the keystones.

It was Silver Spoon. She pressed the left keystones. And finally after a struggle with the Troggies, Bonnie pressed the final keystone lowering the drain plug to the very bottom.

Suddenly the entire room has been COMPLETELY drained of water, and if possible, the entire temple as well.

Troggy Shaman: Epp, Oop, Oop, Eep!

The Troggy leader then...jumped down the drain, as well as the...other Troggies? Leaving the crew bottled with confusion.

Scootaloo(sweat dropped): Uh...that apparently happened.

Subodai(sweat dropped): These Troggies are mysterious creatures.

Bonnie: Uh...All right, all right! We got the temple drained, let's get back to Shepard.


The crew finally went back to Sergeant Shepard and reported their success.

Shepard: You did it, the way is passable!

Scootaloo: Yep, the Troggies fled to...wherever, so we won't have much of a problem with them. We'll take Fin from here.

Shepard: No.

Everyone looked at Shepard in confusion.

Silver Spoon: Wait what?

Shepard: I'm coming with you, Pirate. Fin and I have a score to settle.

Scootaloo: As a crewmate?

The Sargent put the captain's offer in thought, leaving her in suspense. Shepard finally gave her one answer.

Shepard: Nah.

The distraught filly dropped to the ground at his offer. Rejected by her request.

Scootaloo(on the ground): Rejected...more than I can bare.

Silver Spoon then looked to the audience...probably viewers in this case.

Silver Spoon: Our captain, everyone.

The muscle of the crew only face palmed at this scene.

Subodai: Uhhh...we're wasting time. Silver, grab the captain. It is time to end this.

Silver Spoon: Yep, got her.

She grabbed her captain and they all entered the final temple.


As Scootaloo finally regained her composure, our crew entered yet another flooded place, only this time, Cutthroats are taking refuge in this place. Leading the pack is a greenish colored tattooed shark, wearing goggles.

Shepard: Fin! I believe we have something we want!

Scootaloo: Yeah! The jade amulet is ours!

The leader of the pack finally spoke up.

Fin: You made 4 mistakes, pirate.
First, You took the job.

Second, You didn't even bring am army

Third, You brought that sorry Shepard with you.

And last, don't fight me in the dark. The dark is where I shine.

Scootaloo: Doesn't matter if it's dark or light, we're taking that amulet!

Shepard: Hold yer grounds, pirates. Cutthroats are bullies and cowards. Beat their leader and the rest will turn tail SO, GET FIN!

Scootaloo: We'll get Fin, Bonnie, Subodai, hold off the other Cutthroats.

Scootaloo charged towards Fin and went to slash him, but Fin easily blocked it. They went at it for a good 5 seconds, then they finally let go.

Fin: Swashbuckler huh? Well then, try to keep up.

He held up a card and shouted out,

Fin: Blade Flurry!

He suddenly rushed to Scootaloo, and slashed at her in maximum speed. Scootaloo tried to block them all, but was unsuccessful. She managed to get cut in many places, from her mane to most of her coat.

It was then that Shepard stepped in the fight and charged at Fin successfully landing a powerful hit on him, practically throwing him to the walls causing a crater. Fin was bruised badly, but it's not enough to keep him downm

Fin: Hmrmp. Is that all, Shepard.

Shepard: Oh there's more to come, you big blighter. More to come.

Fin: Depends if you can survive this next attack.

Fin then dives down the water. Leaving Shepard in suspense, and Scootaloo in confusion.

Scootaloo: does THAT work? It's not even beneath by hooves.

Shepard: Doesn't matter. Keep on your toes...or hooves, it's Fin's special attack.

Unbeknownst to them, a shark tail is seen below the...puddle, swimming rapidly towards the two. Finally,

Fin: Cutthroat....CHOMP!

The Cutthroat leader finally jumped out of the puddle. She tried to block his upcoming attack but suddenly,


Fin bit Scootaloo's rapier clean off. Shepard acknowledged this, as well as another pirate, who was finished beating a Cutthroat up.

Subodai: Captain!

The barbarian finished the Cutthroat by beating him with the hilt of his blade, knocking the Cutthroat unconscious.

Fin: It's the end, pirate.

Scootaloo: Aww not the rapier.

She then growled with annoyance thinking of something fast. However she was not fast enough when all of a sudden,

Fin: Blade Flurry!

Once again, his swung his blades rapidly hoping to land a hit. But it wasn't Scootaloo he hit. It was,

Scootaloo: SHEPARD!

He was blasted to the walls just like Fin. This time, he was critically injured. That was the blast that caught also the crew's attention.

Scootaloo: Are you OK?

Shepard: Had scratches worse than that. Anyone have a heal?

Bonnie: Oh bother I got one. Second Wind!

She took out a card of her own and activated something peculiar. A light shined on Shepard, and as well as pigeon feathers landing on the injured Shepard, restoring his health.

Shepard: Much oblige, Anne. Now let's end this.

Scootaloo: How can we stop him? I don't have a sword. Fin bit it off.

Shepherd: Hmrmp. Take mine. Unleash your power and end this.

Scootaloo: Huh?

Shepard: Not all cards come from someone like Avery or your teachers. You can create cards of your own. All you have to do is concentrate. Think of nothing but your enemy, and your, or in this case my, blade.

Confused as ever, Scootaloo did as Shepard says. She concentrated...thinking of nothing but her enemy and her blade. She, then felt an increase of speed and stamina, this time, the feeling is stronger than before and rather...windy. Suddenly a miniature tornado spiraled around the filly. Finally, reacted without thought, the pirate filly flapped her small wings, look Towards Fin, and called out her attack.

Scootaloo: Wind Cutter!

The mini tornado retracted throughout the room like a whirlwind of blade. All of them sped to Fin, and finally,


The wind was sharp enough to slice through the Cutthroat leader. It was a powerful attack, finally putting Fin to his knees.

Shepard: Fin's down, pirate. Well done.

Scootaloo: Thanks.

At that moment, a card. A card floated down to the filly showing the ability she has just learned. As the Cutthroats "turned tail" as Shepard said, the rest of the crew finally regrouped to their captain.

Scootaloo: Wind Cutter huh? I did that?

Silver Spoon: Seems like it. Impressive I'll give you that.

Subodai: You will learn more.

Scootaloo: Hmm.

Fin finally sat up and spoke up to the pirate.

Fin: I want you to remember this, pirate. This is the day you won your first victory, and made your first enemy.

Shepard: Eh shut your jaws, ya big bully! You're quite handy to have around, pirate.

A grin of hope was spotted on the pirate captain.

Scootaloo: Does that mean you'll join my crew?!

The dog pirate thought about her offer, then finally thought up his answer which will truly shock the captain.

Shepard: Nah.

Scootaloo: AWWW COME ON!

The little filly once again fell down on the ground in disappointment and distraught, to everyone's....concern.

Bonnie(sweat dropped): Oh brother.

Silver Spoon(sweat dropped): Who's the captain in this crew again?

Shepard: Recruitment aside, I'll report back to Smollet. You return the amulet to Avery.

Subodai took the amulet and he and Shepard took a head start out of the temple. Meanwhile with Bonnie Anne, Silver Spoon, and the fallen captain,

Bonnie(sweat dropped): So...uh...who's gonna grab the captain this time?

Silver Spoon: I did my share. You do it this time.

Bonnie: All right, all right.

Finally, Bonnie Anne carried the distraught captain and headed out the temple with Silver Spoon.

Scootaloo(on the ground): Rejected.....again....why.....
Pirate's Life for Scoots: Into the Skull Cave
Continuing Scootaloo's quest for the Jade Amulet, the search for Fin leads the crew into the Skull Cave. Who knows what awaits in there?
Silver Spoon and Scootaloo followed their newest crewman, Subodai to the fortress of Skull Island until they finally entered the mansion overseeing the entire fortress. Once they entered the mansion, they first room they entered, is an office full of...many MANY decorative artifacts from the spiral. And finally before them is an old pirate wearing turquoise, and a white...parrot nesting on his shoulder.

Pirate: Why, welcome! I take it you are new to Skull Island.

Scootaloo: Yeah. Are you Captain Avery?

Avery: That I am, my dear. How can I help you?

Scootaloo: Well you see, we kinda escaped from the Armada. And a friend of mine named Boochbeard told me that you would help me out.

Avery: Ah, Boochbeard, that old so an' so. So, you're on the run from the Armada are you?

Scootaloo: You can say that, yes.

Avery: Well, I run a pirate haven here,  not a charity. If you want MY protection, you'll have to work for it.

Subodai: We will help you in any way possible, Avery.

Scootaloo: Yeah! How can we help?

Avery: One of my...willful crewmen, a Buccaneer named Fin stole a Jade Amulet from me. I need back.

Silver Spoon: Well, that doesn't sound bad.

Avery: Unfortunately, Fin fled to Skull Mountain, and roused the Troggies. Now they're bombarding us.

Scootaloo(annoyed): You had to say something didn't you?

Avery: Now now, if you handled the Armada as you said, than fighting mere Troggies would be a walk in the park for you. Now, to get my amulet, you must report to Chief Gunner Rigby, he'll lead you to Skull Mountain.

Silver Spoon: Wait, how are you going to protect us again?

Avery: Simple, if you want to be a pirate, you'll need a ship. Do this right and I'll give you one. Do we have an accord?

Scootaloo went into thought for a second.

Scootaloo: You'll promise to protect us from the Armada?

Avery: Correct.

She then raised a hoof out, accepting the deal.

Scootaloo: We have an accord.

The two shook hands on it.

Avery: Now, one last thing. Surely, Boochbeard taught you the method of card attacks correct?

Scootaloo: Uh yeah he did!

Avery: Then, you yourself must take one of your own if you wish to fight for my amulet.

He then took out five cards from his pocket.

Avery: Five cards for five schools. Which school are you?

The little captain looked at Avery in confusion. She didn't understand what he was talking about.

Scootaloo: Classes?

Silver Spoon: Boochbeard never mentioned classes.

Subodai: You forgot to ask him.

Avery: Subodai is right. You must of forgotten to ask him about class types. All pirates have one. Buccaneers being the strong, defensive and merciless type, Musketeers being those who let only their guns do the talking, Privateers who rally up their team to the brink of victory, Swashbucklers who would rely on speed, cunning, and agility to fight their enemies. And Witchdoctors  who would use only the power of hoodoo and magic to defeat their enemies.

While explaining, he also showed Scoots the school symbols.

Buccaneer Symbol: A huge blue sword  crossed behind a red pirate flag.

Musketeer Symbol: An orange gun fuming in green smoke in the barrel of the gun.

Privateer Symbol: A yellow telescope crossed behind a blue ship wheel.

Swashbuckler Symbol: A purple dagger crossed behind a gold bloom.

Witchdoctor Symbol: A green voodoo doll stabbed with three purple pins.

Subodai: I am Buccaneer.

Five different classes. Scootaloo is known for her speed and agility, there's one school that fits Scootaloo perfectly.

Scootaloo: Hmmm. I guess I'm a Swashbuckler.

The office proprietor the turned to a certain silver filly.

Avery: And what about you, my dear?

Silver Spoon: Is it something I have to decide now?

Avery: Oh no, take your time. It's always hard to pick a class. Just come to me when you picked the class more comfortable to you. But in the meantime, my amulet.

Scootaloo: Huh? Oh yeah! The amulet! Let's go guys.

Avery then gives the new Swashbuckler her new card, Sneak Attack, as well as a compass and finally, Silver Spoon and Subodai followed their captain out and leading to Skull Mountain.

Avery: Remember to bring it back! And don't you dare switch it with a fake, I'll know!

Scootaloo: Relax, I won't!

Finally the exited the office and took a look around for Skull Island. But something caught Silver Spoon's eyes.

Silver Spoon: Hey, horse. What's that pillar over there?

To his annoyance, Subodai looked to where the silver filly was pointing.

Subodai: I am Subodai. And that is a Life Fountain. If you are injured, it will heal you.

Scootaloo: Well that's definitely useful if we get hurt. So, according to the compass, Skull Mountain is over to the left.

Subodai: Yes. That's West, captain.

They went west which is of course the west bastion as Avery explained. They soon met with a round man, manning the cannons into a forest. Then suddenly A BARREL came hurdling towards the Gunner and suddenly,

Rigby: LOOK OUT!


the barrel exploded causing a major crater in the center of the bastion.

Subodai: Chief Gunner Rigby.

Rigby: Ahoy there! Keep your head down if you're willin' to get blown up. Blasted Troggies! They've gone mad they have.

Subodai: Avery sent us to help.

Rigby: You want to help? We need to stop this bombardment! Go find Bonnie Anne!

He then opened the gate leading to a bridge to a forest.

Rigby: She went across the bridge to teach those savages a lesson. You'll do more good there.

Scootaloo: We're on the case!

Scootaloo led her pirate team across the bridge and into the forest. Where at the entrance, they see a fox pirate carrying a large musket, out of breath. She must of been tired from fighting the Troggies. The three went to the tired fox.

Scootaloo: Are you Bonnie Anne?

Bonnie(panting): Aye... And who're you then?

Scootaloo: The names Scootaloo of Equestria. Avery sent us to help get back his amulet from Fin.

Bonnie: That Fin, he's a wily one. He roused up the Troggies till they're mad as badgers!

Subodai: Troggy vermin. How did this happen?

Bonnie: The slimy devils raided us last night, took half of our powder stores, and now they're flinging them back into town!

Bonnie: We're trying to fight back, but there's too many of them! If ya want to help, soften them up a bit and I'll help ya find Fin. Report to Lieutenant Smollet after!

Scootaloo: Hrmp. Let's do it!

The three pirates shoved off to the locations of the Troggies.

And finally they found the path of walking, tribal frogs running around and firing barrels out to the court. To avoid contact from them, the three hid behind a local bush.

Scootaloo: Those are the Troggies?

Subodai: Yes. Raise your sword.

He then turns to Silver Spoon.

Subodai: You. You do not have a weapon. You must stay here. Once we defeat them, find Smollet.

Silver Spoon: Uh...yeah no telling me twice.

Scootaloo: Alright let's do it.

Scootaloo and Subodai jumped out of their hiding spot and approached a group of Troggies.

Troggy: Oop,Reep,Oolong,Eep Eep!

Scootaloo: I don't know what you said, but you're going down! Sneak Attack!

The pirate filly stabbed one of the Troggies followed by a spin slash at it, defeating it in one hit.

Scootaloo: I think I'm getting the hang of this thing.

Subodai: Good. Now watch me. Tremor Hit!

The barbarian horse hit the Troggy downward with his sword, almost causing a mini quake. Though the Troggy is still standing.

Subodai: Impressive. You are still standing.

Troggy: Oop!

The Troggy charged at Subodai and assaulted him with his shield and spear wounding the horse.

Subodai: OH! UGH!

Scootaloo: Don't worry. I got this.

The pirate slashed her rapier around and finally hit the Troggy, adding on the damage Subodai made, defeating it. That's all the Troggies.

Scootaloo: That's all of them.

Subodai: Now, we only hope Silver Spoon has gotten to Smollet.

Fortunately for them, Silver Spoon did as she, Bonnie Anne, and a rounded man, (who they assumedto be Smollet) walked up to them.

Smollet: Smartly done, pirate. With you by our side, we may have a fighting chance.

Bonnie: Well done indeed. Ye're really good to have in a fight.

Scootaloo: Uh...thanks?

Bonnie: I said I'd take ye to see Fin, and I'm a girl of me word. So, ye got room another on yer crew, Captain?

Scootaloo: The more the merrier! Welcome to the crew, Bonnie.

Smollet: I'm glad for you, Anne. You could lead them to Fin, but first, Skull Island's threatened, pirate and it's up to us to save it.

Smollet: Listen up: the Troggies are using three great slingshots to attack the bastion. Our cannons could destroy them, but the farthest slingshot is out of range, and our men can't see an inch in this jungle.

Scootaloo: So...what can we do?

Smollet: Scout the forest, and mark  the location of the two slingshots on this map.

Lieutenant Smollet then gives Scootaloo a little map of the mountain.

Smollet: Once you are done, find the third one and set off the powder kegs they're flinging to the island and destroy it. Report to me when you're done.

Scootaloo: Sounds like a plan. Let's find those slingshots.

The three pirates and their newest crewmate, Bonnie Anne, scouted out the landmark to find the slingshots. They found the first one, no Troggies, and marked it on the map.

The second slingshot had one Troggy manning the powder keg. So they quietly marked the location, and headed off to find the third one.

And finally the third one, to which it had a whole band of Troggies and a whole bunch of powder kegs with them. Fortunately, Subodai knew what to do.

Subodai: Amphibious scum.

Subodai took out a match, lit it, and lit the fuse. It was then that the crew quickly QUICKLY ran away from the site, when,

BOOM! An explosion shrouded the spot, leaving a crater of soot in replace of the slingshot...and the Troggy.

Subodai: It is done. Now, back to Smollet.

They finally went back to the entrance,where Smollet is standing.

Smollet: I heard the explosion from here. Clearly, you finished the job?

Scootaloo: Yep, and here's where the other slingshots are.

Scootaloo showed Smollet the map with X marks on the spot of the other two slingshots.

Smollet: Good work, that's done! Now then, we can finally working on retrieving Avery's bauble.

Bonnie: Right then, where should we start.

Smollet: I sent two of my best men, Livsey, and Shepard to find the Amulet. They haven't been heard from in a while. Go up the trail and find any traces of Livsey or Shepard. IF they're alive, they can help you find Fin.

The four pirates went off to find the two lost crewmen.

No ambush or anything regarding Livsey or Shepard so far. But right when they went up the trail,

???: You there, help!

A cry for help was heard. And of course if Scootaloo has learned anything in Equestria, it was to help those in need. She looked around and saw a frog trapped in a wooden cage.

Scootaloo: Hey little guy, trapped in a cage are you?

Frog: What am I a dog to you?! Get me outta here!

Silver Spoon: Slow your croak for a second, will ya? Are you Livsey?

Livsey: Yep, the name's Livsey E. Froggert.

Bonnie: Perfect! Smollet sent us to find ye and Shepard.

Livsey: Smollet sent ye? Good, I think I know where Fin is, but he ain't alone. I saw a ship docked up the mountain a while ago, a Cutthroat ship by the looks of it and they've set up camp up there.

Scootaloo: A Cutthroat?

Bonnie: Dangerous shark pirates, Captain. Fin must of called them here  while we were busy with the Troggies.  

Livsey: Aye, but when we found them, they found us. The sharks attacked us and they trapped me in here ever since.

Subodai: What about Shepard?

Livsey: Didn't see him. We got separated during the attack.

The little frog tries to break the lock on the cage open, but no dice.

Livsey: UGH! No good! I can't get this lock open. Any ideas?

Our horse barbarian examined the cage, then without a word unsheathed his sword.

Subodai: It is simple bamboo. It can be thick at times, but it can be chopped down to nothing.

SLASH! At a blink of an eye, Subodai stroked the cage, to which it was chopped into little pieces. Livsey was free.

Livsey: Almost cut my head opened, but I'm free! Now then, I need you to distract the Cutthroats, engage them in combat. While you do that, I'll find some clues to where Fin went.

Silver Spoon: I thought you said you knew where he was.

Livsey: I wasn't sure! I maybe right or wrong, I need some more clues to further my assumption.

Scootaloo: All right.

At the Captain's orders, they went up the hill, only to find a perfect view of a giant skull, what she also noticed is a campsite with a band of sharks guarding the campsite.

Subodai: The Skull Cave. I am not afraid.

The Pegasus filly took her battle stance, determined.

Scootaloo: Neither am I!

Silver Spoon: Well I am!

Scootaloo: You don't count.

Silver Spoon: ExCUSE me?!

Bonnie: Enough, you two. There are the Cutthroats. Why don't we give them a warm welcome.

Scootaloo: Let's. I do have an idea, anyway.

Bonnie: Let me hear it.

Bonnie, then leaned over her captain, and Scootaloo whispered to her the plan she thought of.

Bonnie: Really, captain, do ye really think it'll work?

Scootaloo: Trust me. I saw it in a Daring Do book.

Bonnie looked at the little filly in confusion.

Bonnie: Daring...who?

Scootaloo: I'll explain later. Right now, showtime.

Scootaloo took some dirt and smeared her muzzle making some sort of muddy beard. It was then that she trotted up to the Cutthroats, who unfortunately unsheathed their swords.

Cutthroat: Who the blazes are you?!

Scootaloo: No worries, gents. I'm on a bit of a business venture. I'm here to see Fin.

Cutthroat #1: You're the buyer? Boy, ye came early.

Scootaloo: Wha? Oh I mean yes, I'm the buyer. A little birdie told me, that you have something that belongs to the proprietor of Skull Island. I possibly couldn't turn that deal away.

While Scootaloo was talking to the Cutthroats, Bonnie, Subodai, and Silver Spoon sneaked past them to find Livsey.

Cutthroat #2: Aye. Fin told us he took Avery's Jade Amulet. Clearly, Avery stopped the search after we roughed up two suckers looking for the amulet.

Scootaloo: Interesting, men. And who prey tell are these two "suckers"

Cutthroat #2: I don't know. Uh Livsey and...Shepard?

Scootaloo: That's all I needed to hear.

She unsheathed her rapier and stabbed one of the Cutthroats, surprising the others.

Scootaloo: All right then! Now that I have some confirmation, where's Fin?

Cutthroat: Uh...we ain't tellin' ye!

Scootaloo: Stubborn pirates. I guess we're gonna have to do this the hard way.

The other Cutthroats took out their weapons and attacked the lone filly, only for their attacks to be blocked.

One by one, the Cutthroats were taken out by Scootaloo. She then regrouped with her crew along with Livsey.

Livsey: Nicely done, pirate! During your diversion, I found this note. Listen to this:

"Our buyer won't be here for a while. I'll be in the temple. If the buyer arrives, bring him to me. The temple entrance is in the Skull Cave"

Silver Spoon: So... in there?

Subodai: Yes. There's no turning back now, Captain. Into the cave.

Scootaloo: You heard the horse, into the cave!

Bonnie: Sounds like a plan. But what about you, Livsey?

Livsey: I'll report the news to Smollet. And who knows? You may be able to find Shepard in the cave. Good luck.

Scootaloo: Thanks. Now let's get Fin!

The crew entered into Skull Cave, continuing their search to find Fin and retrieve Avery's amulet.
Pirate's Life for Scoots: Troggy Trouble
Chapter 4 of Pirate's Life for Scoots where Scootaloo meets Avery and he gives her a task to retrieve his Jade Amulet from his mutinous crewman, Fin Dorsal, but not before handling a tribe of Troggies, first.


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