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You probably wondered what happened to Scootaloo.

"Rainbow, looked high and low for Scootaloo, but no matter how far she went, and how hard she looked, Scootaloo just can't be found. She then spotted a grey colored colt with a black mane.

Rainbow Dash: Hey, Rumble!

Dash flew down to where the said colt is standing.

Rainbow Dash: Rumble, have you seen Scootaloo? 

Rumble: Uh I don't think so, she wasn't in class today. Maybe she went to do her stunts.

Rainbow Dash: Maybe....look if you see her, tell her me and my friends are heading out a journey. Princess' orders.

Rumble: You got it, Rainbow!"

At the speed of light, Rainbow Dash headed home to sleep for the big adventure to come.

Rainbow Dash(thinking): That's odd. If I know Scoots, she would've followed me around if she had the chance. Even a case of the sniffles wouldn't keep her from seeing her #1 idol. What's her deal?

The REAL story begins in what appears to be a prison cell, where the said filly was sleeping...wait PRISON CELL?

Scootaloo(mumbled in sleep): Mmm...Rainbow Dash...So awesome...rad..


A sudden explosion from upstairs awoke the sleeping Pegasus. She then looks at her surroundings and identified her location, in horror.

Scootaloo: Wh-what? What's going on? Why am I in jail?! Hello? Anypony?

She then looks to the jail cell across from hers and saw a sleeping prisoner. Scootaloo easily recognized the prisoner at an instant, to her confusion.

Scootaloo: Silver Spoon?

The said filly finally woke up from her sleep, only to find out-

Silver Spoon: I'M IN JAIL?!

Yeah that.

Silver Spoon: How did I get here? WHY am I here? When I find that strange stallion, I swear!

She then, finally noticed her new jail mate in disgust.

Silver Spoon: Perfect. JUST perfect! Not only I'm in jail, but I'm SHARING the jail with a blank flank loser! You're behind this aren't you!

Scootaloo: Why put this on me?

Silver Spoon: Isn't it obvious? You have no cutie mark AND you can't fly. It's quite a crime if you ask me. And I must be here because DT and I had the GALL to acknowledge a blank flank, flightless, loser like you.

Scootaloo: Of course that's your answer.


There were sudden sounds of even more explosions as well as...a voice.

???'s Voice: Get down she's going to blow!

BOOM! And yet another explosion hit from upstairs. Though it seems the voices are getting closer.

???'s Voice: It's one of these prisoners! Check the ones down there, monkey!

Monkey's Voice: I-I'm on it.

The voices stopped and the sound of footsteps took their place. As the footsteps soften, down came two figures. Two, certainly not Equestrian ponies,no the figures consist on a rather large human pirate with a shaggy white beard wearing red, and a small monkey wearing what appears to be attire found from a naval officer.

Monkey: Are zhese zhe prisoners we are looking for?

Pirate: Odd, I thought it was only one. Alright ladies, we're takin' one of you. And the other one, well it's up to "the one" to decide what to do with ya.

Silver Spoon: You can take me! I'm worth more than that blank flank over there.

The two figures looked back at her in denial. Clearly Silver Spoon isn't the one they were looking for. Which means

Pirate: You there, ye got a name?

Scootaloo: Uh...Scootaloo?

The monkey walked up, then inspect her intently, looking for anything that flawed their search. Nothing.

Monkey: She checks out, Captain! I told you, she is zhe one!

Pirate: Whelp, works for me!

Scootaloo: Uh...who are you?

Pirate: Oh yeah! We haven't even introduced ourselves yet! Allow me to start. My name is Boochbeard, and the monkey here is me partner, Mr. Gandry.

Gandry: A pleasure to meet you.

Silver Spoon:'re pirates? Typical. We're being rescued by barbaric pirates.

Scootaloo: Ignore her, she's an idiot.

Silver Spoon: HEY!

Scootaloo: Anyway, one question comes into mind. What was it again? Hmm...oh yeah. WHERE ARE WE?!?!

Gandry: Unfortunate, you are on board ze Erebus.

Silver Spoon: The Erebus? Never heard of that place. And my daddy has made tons of trades around Equestria. And I have never heard of a ship called the Erebus.

Gandry: Zat's because you are NOT in Equestria. You are in Skull Island. Or, most likely this ship is in a Skyway in Skull Island.

Scootaloo: Skull Island?

Boochbeard: That's right. Brace yourselves, ladies, because Skull Island is a world completely different from Equestria.

Silver Spoon: So what you're saying is that, we're not in Equestria?

Gandry: Zat's right. Equestria is only one world out of many zat holds ze thread we know as, ze Spiral.

Scootaloo and Silver Spoon sat in quiet, thinking about what had already been explained. Worlds outside Equestria. That is something completely out of the ordinary for the little fillies.

Scootaloo: All right let me see...Me and Silver Butt over there are trapped on a ship, in a place called Skull Island, which is a world OUTSIDE of Equestria which is one of many world's in this thread called the Spiral. Am I getting this?

Boochbeard: Yep.

Gandry: Ze long and short of this, yes.

Scootaloo: And this isn't a dream?

Gandry: Unfortunately, no.

Boochbeard: I would pinch you but your...trapped inside.

Scootaloo: Which brings be on to my next question. What do these "Armada" guys want with me?

Silver Spoon: And why am I here?

Boochbeard: Word is that you, Scootaloo are going to do some piratin' things that'll prove to be disastrous to their plans. What they are? I don't know.

Gandry: As for your Silver friend, I do not know why she is here, nor do i care anymore.

Silver Spoon: Excuse ME?!

Boochbeard: Anyway, you could prove useful in takin' out the Armada if the Intel says is true.

Scootaloo: Come on ME? I don't know the first thing about being a pirate. I'm just an average Pegasus filly trying to earn her cutie mark.

The two pirates looked at the little Pegasus in confusion.

Boochbeard: A...cutie mark?

Gandry: Oh yes! It's that Butt tattoo Equestrians have. What's the purpose of it?

Scootaloo: They're not Butt tattoos. They're symbols planted on a pony's  flank. A cutie mark represents a pony's special talent, and traits.

To which, Scootaloo looked at her own flank showing nothing.

Scootaloo(sadly): Unfortunately, you have to earn one. And I did earn one yet.

It was then that the spoiled filly intervene.

Silver Spoon: Yet? Try never. If you want to see a true cutie mark, here's mine!

She then showed the two her own cutie mark, a silver spoon with a heart on the ladle.

Gandry: your special talent being a brat? Because it's a talent zat suits you.

The silver pony only scoffed at the monkey. Boochbeard, then came up to the other filly to cheer her up.

Boochbeard: If it makes ya feel better, who's to say ye won't get a cutie mark in Piratin'?

Scootaloo: Pirates? There's a cutie mark for that?

Boochbeard: Could be. What do ya say? Want to sail for adventure and become a pirate?

She thought about his offer for a minute, then finally came up with an answer.

Scootaloo: Will I find Equestria if I become a pirate?

Boochbeard: There are many paths and Stormgates leading to many worlds. And I guarantee, Equestria will be in one of those paths.

Scootaloo:...I'm in.

Gandry: She'll do it!

Boochbeard: Ye won't be disappointed, Scoots. Sailing as a pirate, you're bound to bump into the Stormgate leading back to Equestria.

Scootaloo: I hope so. Equestria IS my home after all.

Boochbeard: You'll find it, don't worry. Now then, let's get you out of this confounded cell. There's piratin' to be done!

Boochbeard took the lever, unfortunately, the lever seemed to be jammed. It's not budging. Soon enough, the pirate decided to give up.

Scootaloo(worried): Uh...what happened?

Boochbeard: Bad news, pirate. The door's jammed.
Pirate's Life for Scoots: Prologue
I decided to take a break from Spellbinding Ponies and start the next story that comes into mind. This story reflects on the Pirate101 storyline. Join Scootaloo and Silver Spoon on an unexpected adventure joining the life as pirates facing off against the Armada, and finding their way back to Equestria.
And finally, we continued our adventure on an orange skied street that is: Firecat Alley. Rarity and Applejack journeys through the this said fire street...while a certain Unicorn is complaining and whining.

Rarity: Oh, this street is too dangerously hot for a Thaumaturger, such as myself. Maybe a sun visor could satisfy for the heat. You, however, have your...hat to protect you from this unbearable weather.

Applejack: WELL I'LL BE! We're already here.

AJ interrupted the drama queen, as they finally reached a park area. As they looked around, they finally saw a lone guard standing behind a Firecat statue. It was the wise choice for them to confront the guard.

Applejack: Howdy there, partner. Are you Private Quinn?

Quinn: That I am. Are you the wizards, Sergeant Muldoon sent to help?

Both: Yes.

Quinn: Great! Well, to be honest, it's not really a major problem, but it's my Fire Elf friends. I was expecting them to visit me today. But they didn't show up.

Applejack: You sure they ain't just under the weather, and they're just sick?

Quinn: I was expecting at least ONE Fire Elf to at least show up. Maybe you're right, maybe you're wrong, I can't look unfortunately, I can't leave my post.

Rarity: And with all the happenings regarding Malistaire, trouble is inevitable. I'm sure we can give these Fire Elves a visit.

Quinn: Would you? It would mean allot to me.

Applejack: Sure thing, but...where the heck are we supposed to go?

Quinn: Just stroll by Fireglobe Theater. It's where they live. I'll stay here in case one of them DO show up.

Applejack: K then, Be right back, Quinn.

With that, the Unicorn and the Earth Pony trotted along the path, until they came across a big theater. It's the Fireglobe Theater, Private Quinn described.

However, suddenly an entire army of small elves wearing red and yellow, hats and tights surrounded the two.

Applejack: Uh...howdy. Any one you fellers know Private Quinn?

None of them responded, but ALL of them raised their arrows at the duo.


They all responded in a droned manner.

Fire Elves(unison): Foolish Humans and Wizards. Elves are the superior race, all must perish.

Applejack(quietly): Can ya teleport

Rarity: I have been working on the teleportation spell with Twilight.

Applejack: Then, can we get outta here before one of us gets an arrow on the head?

Rarity: With pleasure.

Rarity concentrated and she quickly casts the teleportation spell and teleported back to Private Quinn.

Quinn: Your back! Let me guess, they were playing a prank on me weren't they?

Applejack: Sure, if you call almost shootin' us a prank.

Quinn: They what?!

Rarity: It's true, Private Quinn. We were surrounded by those little brutes. I managed to teleport the both of us out of there quickly.

Quinn: Then, this isn't a prank, you don't know them like I do. Something terrible must of happened to them.

Applejack: What can we do?

Quinn: I don't know, but we HAVE to do something. I can't bare to see them attacking folks like that.

Rarity: I know this seems off topic, Private, but you seem awfully attached to these Fire Elves. what is your history with them?

Quinn: Ya wanna know my history with them? Once, a Fire Elf saved my life. His name is Feebo. Ever since he saved me with his arrow, we became friends, and everything they touch with their magic, connects.

Applejack: Do ya think it'll work a second time? Sayin' their magic connects with everythin' they touch, we may be able to save them.

Quinn: You may be right! If we take their arrows, we may know what happened to them!

Applejack: We kinda got off the wrong end, with em' so we're gonna have to fight em off.

Quinn: Much as I hate to admit it, you're right. It's the only way to save them.

The two ponies dashed off to fight the Fire Elves, to Private Quinn's disappointment. After two fights with four elves, our duo trotted back to Private Quinn in success.

Quinn: You got the arrows?

Rarity: It wasn't easy, but yes.

Quinn: Yes! Thank you, girls for helping out the Fire Elves.

Applejack: tweren't nothin!

???: There you guys are!

Suddenly a familiar forest fairy flew down to the wizards and the guard.

Applejack: Howdy, Flitter!

Rarity: Is something the matter?

Flitter: Nope! Just here to deliver your new spells. I manage to get the spell cards from the bird-brains who were going to deliver them.

Rarity: Glorious! What did we get?

Flitter: Your rank 2 spells. For Applejack, you get Scorpion.

Applejack: Scorpion huh?

Flitter: And for Rarity, Snow Serpent

Rarity: Delightful! Did the others get new spells?

Flitter: Yep, they got their spells! Now if you would excuse me, I'm gonna get your dorms ready when you need to rest.

As our wizard ponies put their new spells in their deck, Flitter flew off back to Ravenwood, and Private Quinn continued.

Quinn: Glad you two got your spells. A guard's life is boring now and them, but I you get use to it. Now, on to business. If the Fire Elves are cursed or enchanted, and I bet my life they are, then this arrow will help reveal who did it.

Rarity: How, exactly is an arrow going to reveal the true culprit?

Quinn: Gretta Darkkettle. She use to teach alchemy in the school. If you give her the arrow, she might be able to help you.

Applejack: Where can we find her?

Quinn: Up the streets. She always leaves her lights on so you can't miss her house.

The farm pony, then turned to her friend.

Applejack: OK then, let's book it, and be careful. Those Fire Elves are rowdier than an angry swarm of twittermites.

Rarity: I'm sure we can take care of them, when they come.

The two ponies galloped through the streets to find Gretta Darkkettle's house. They looked aimlessly, until they saw the lights on in one house.

Rarity: Must be the place!

They knocked on the door awaiting an answer from the other side.

???'s Voice(sing-song): Who is it?

Applejack: We're just a bunch of wizards. Are ya Gretta Darkkettle?

They heard a sudden unlock,and the door opened revealing an old lady wearing that of witches garments.

Gretta: So you've found me. What do you want? You can tell Ambrose I'm not coming back to Ravenwood!

Applejack: Uh...we didn't come from Ambrose. We came from Quinn.

Gretta: Quinn?

Rarity: He fears that something terrible has happened to the Fire Elves. They have been cursed by an unknown force.

Applejack: We were hopin' you would help us find out who's causin' this whole mess. The arrows are the only way to help us out.

Applejack, gave the arrows to Gretta,to which, she only chuckled.

Gretta: He's a kind soul, that Quinn. But what he knows about magic is probably something you both have learn your first day. I need more than this.

Rarity: How much more?

Gretta: To find out who cursed the Fire Elves, I'll need a charred knife from one of those Magma Men outside.

Applejack: I'll handle it.

Applejack quickly volunteered, and went out to take down one of the Magma Men.

A little while later, Applejack returned to Rarity and Gretta with a charred knife at hoof.

Gretta: I take it you were successful, yes?

Applejack: Yep, those varmints ain't that tough.

Gretta: Good, now then...

Gretta, took the charred knife, and sprinkled magic dust on both it and the arrow. They suddenly released an unbearable scream, though not really phasing Gretta one bit.


Gretta: A banshee's wail. It must be the cause of the Fire Elves' behavior.

Rarity: How do we return them to normal?

Gretta: To reverse a banshee's spell, I'll need a lock of her hair. But, I know no banshees who lurk here.

Rarity: Maybe, Private Quinn may give us a lead.

Gretta: Yes, he may be proven useful on this endeavor. Go back to him and see if he knows any banshees.

Then, our heroes went back to the Fire Park where Private Quinn stands his guard, and explained the situation.

Quinn: A banshee wail huh? That sounds like a wicked curse. Good thing you've convinced Gretta to help.

Applejack: So, do ya know any banshees?

Quinn: While you were gone, I've just received reports of a banshee attack. And I know who. Bastilla Gravewynd haunts the last tower, at the end of Firecat Alley. Defeat her in battle, and snip off a lock of hair from her wicked hair!

Rarity: Really now, I'm getting tired of this constant use of violence, why not we resolve things with a lovely chat. Perhaps, over a nice cup of tea.

Quinn: Hate to say it Rarity, but when it comes to Bastilla, she isn't the kind of person to resolve things with.

Applejack: Sorry, Rarity, but that banshee needs to be taken care of.

Rarity: Oh, poo. Why must this always end in violence.

The two trotted away, and searched for the end of the street. When they DID reach the end of the street, a grim tower to behold. The two shook their heads in determination and entered the tower, meeting with the banshee in question, Bastilla Gravewynd.

Bastilla: So, you two are the ones undoing my work. The Fire Elves were to be under MY control. With them, we can overrun Wizard City.

Applejack: Yep. But you ain't going to take the town.

Bastilla: How dare you! Your meddling with Malistaire's plans ends here, wizards! I shall send you both back to Ravenwood as a result of those who oppose up! Fire Elf!

A Fire Elf came down the stairs at Bastilla's disposal as she summoned a battle circle, engaging the two battle.

Applejack(588 Health)
Rarity(624 Health)
Bastilla Gravewynd(440 Health)
Fire Elf Hunter(150 Health)

Bastilla: Make your move, wizards.

Applejack: Get the Elf, Rarity.

Rarity: As you wish.

Uses Scarab on Fire Elf Hunter dealing -65 damage

Uses Frost Beetle on Fire Elf Hunter dealing -70 damage

[Bastilla Gravewynd]
Uses Dark Sprite on Applejack dealing -70 damage

[Fire Elf Hunter]
Uses Flame Snake on Applejack dealing -100 damage

Applejack(410 Health)
Rarity(624 Health)
Bastilla Gravewynd(440 Health)
Fire Elf Hunter(15 Health)

Applejack: I'll take care of the little Fire Elf.

Rarity: I'll stun the old hag.

Uses Minor Clash on Fire Elf Hunter dealing -65 damage

[Fire Elf Hunter is Defeated]

Uses Freeze on Bastilla Gravewynd having no effect

Rarity: WHAT?!

Bastilla: OLD hag you were saying?

[Bastilla Gravewynd]
Uses Death Trap on Rarity increasing +30% to her next death spell

Bastilla: You will pay, my dear.

Applejack(410 Health)
Rarity(624 Health)
Bastilla Gravewynd(440 Health)

Applejack: You're the one who's gonna pay.

Uses Scorpion on Bastilla Gravewynd dealing -175 damage

Uses Snow Serpent on Bastilla Gravewynd dealing -160 damage

Bastilla: AUGH! You will shall not defeat me!

[Bastilla Gravewynd]
Uses Thunder Snake on Applejack dealing -110 damage

Applejack: Good one! But you ain't winnin'

Applejack(300 Health)
Rarity(624 Health)
Bastilla Gravewynd(110 Health)

Rarity: Wands?

Applejack: Wands.

Uses Minor Clash on Bastilla Gravewynd dealing -65 damage

Uses Minor Ice Blast on Bastilla Gravewynd dealing -65 damage

[Bastilla Gravewynd is Defeated]

As the battle circle dissolves the banshee lays flat on the floor fading. So quickly Rarity took scissors and took snippets of hair from the banshee, as she finally vanishes.

Applejack: Good one, Rarity. But why do ya have scissor?

Rarity: Cutting purposes of course. Never leave my home without it. Now let us take these snippets to Gretta.

They left the tower and back to Gretta's house to give her the strands of Bastilla's hair.

Gretta: I see you've got the lock of hair, good. At this rate, Ambrose will believe me about what has happened to the Death School.

Gretta, then took the lock of hair and burned it underneath a waxed candle. Once she's finished, she handed the candle to the two.

Gretta: Done! Take this waxed candle to Private Quinn. The wax from the candle is guaranteed to cure his precious Fire Elves.

The duo returned once again to Private Quinn. They explained to him that the candle is the cure for the Fire Elves.

Quinn: I see. The wax is the cure?

The Two: Yes.

Quinn: All right then, give me a minute.

Private Quinn, took about a small bottle, and chanted a few words, than at an instant, the wax turned into a liquid. He then filled the liquids in two potion vials.

Quinn: It's done. Now, I created a potion out of wax. I'll take half to cure the elves on the street.

Applejack: I thought ya needed to stay at your post.

Quinn: Well...I maybe demoted. But they helped me, and now, it's my turn to help them. While I try to cure a few elves, you two take down and cure their leader, Prince Alicane Swiftarrow.

Applejack: I'm takin' a mild guess, but he's in Fireglobe Theater ain't he?

Quinn: Right.

Rarity: But wouldn't that mean the Elves would be expecting us?

Quinn: Already got that covered. Come on, we got some Fire Elves to save.

With the wizards, and the guard, walked up the ramp, to Fireglobe Theater where, surprise, surprise, a whole army of Fire Elves are waiting.

Applejack: So what's the plan?

Quinn: I'll distract them, and you sneak into the theater.

Rarity: Seems pretty straight forward isn't it?

Quinn: And I suppose you have something better?

Silence. Owned.


Quinn: Good. Now let's do this.

The guard then leaped out and ran towards the Elf army.

Quinn: Hey there, boys! I have something to tell you guys! Your mamas are a bunch of icy, cold, UGLY MIDGETS!

Rarity: Goodness...

Applejack: Yep, he's got them riled up.

And it was true. The Fire Elves are so enraged, that some of them busted into flames.

Quinn: Uh...


At an instant, the entire Fire Elf army snapped and chased after Quinn. Poor guy. While that was happening, it was Rarity and Applejack's cue to enter the Fireglobe Theater, where they met with a Magma Man, and a Fire Elf wearing yellow instead of orange.

Alicane: Uh...hi! Odd, how did you even get past the army outside.

Rarity: Private Quinn sent his regards.

Applejack: Uh...he called your men midgets.

Alicane: WHAT?! I'm gonna SOOO destroy that insignificant human! But first, for interrupting rehearsals you're going to pay.

Applejack: C'mon, Prince. You really don't wanna do that.

Alicane: Yes I do.

He summoned a battle circle and everyone in the room got in position for battle.

Prince Alicane Swiftarrow(480 Health)
Magma Man(235 Health)
Rarity(623 Health)
Applejack(588 Health)

Rarity: Prince Alicane, come to your senses! You're not the savage fiend everyone thinks you are!

Alicane: I'll show you savage!

[Prince Alicane Swiftarrow]
Uses Firecat on Rarity dealing -85 damage

Alicane: Follow my lead, my friend!

Magma Man: It would be a pleasure, sir!

[Magma Man]
Uses Firecat on Rarity dealing -85 damage

Rarity: Hmrp. You're little Magma Man won't save you after this round, right, Applejack?

Applejack: Darn tootin'



Prince Alicane Swiftarrow(480 Health)
Magma Man(235 Health)
Rarity(453 Health)
Applejack(588 Health)

Alicane: I don't think so! I know you're an Ice wizard, and I'll have you know, my Magma Man will be good and protect from your Ice attacks. Observe!

[Prince Alicane Swiftarrow]
Uses Snow Shield on Magma Man decreasing -25% of damage to next Ice attack

Rarity: Oh, poo.

Magma Man: And I always defend my ruler from any harm!

[Magma Man]

Rarity: I don't think so!

Uses Freeze on Magma Man stunning him for 1 round

Applejack: And nothing ain't gonna stop me from attackin' you!

Uses Scorpion on Magma Man dealing -170 damage

Prince Alicane Swiftarrow(480 Health)
Magma Man(55 Health)
Rarity(453 Health)
Applejack(588 Health)

[Prince Alicane Swiftarrow]

[Magma Man]

Rarity: You're mine, Alicane!

Uses Snow Serpent on Prince Alicane Swiftarrow dealing -170 damage

Applejack: And yer little Magma Man servant, is done.

Uses Scarab on Magma Man dealing -60 damage

[Magma Man is Defeated]

Prince Alicane Swiftarrow(310 Health)
Rarity(453 Health)
Applejack(588 Health)

Applejack: How do ya like that, Swiftarrow?

Alicane: Quite the power. But, is your little unicorn friend ready?

Rarity: ready? Ready for what?

Alicane: For this!

[Prince Alicane Swiftarrow]
Uses Sunbird on Rarity dealing -300 damage

Rarity(groaning in pain): Touché, Mr. Swiftarrow!

Applejack: Rarity, you OK?!

Rarity: Really, REALLY painful!

Applejack: Rarity...

Rarity: It's positively fine, Applejack. I have the Fairy spell from Lady Oriel. It is sure to heal.

Applejack: All right, I'll handle ol' Sourarrow here.

Alicane: Sourarrow huh? Pity, you too shall have a TASTE of my wrath!


Alicane: Too cheesy?

Applejack: Kinda milkin' it a bit.



Prince Alicane Swiftarrow(310 Health)
Rarity(153 Health)
Applejack(588 Health)

Alicane: But first, I'll handle your friend here.

[Prince Alicane Swiftarrow]

Alicane: What? DANGIT!

Applejack: Now's yer chance, Rarity!

Uses Fairy on herself reviving +400 health

Rarity: Beautiful! I'm cured!

Applejack: Glad ya made it, now we handle Sourarrow over there!

Alicane(annoyed): STOP CALLING ME THAT!

Uses Scorpion on Prince Alicane Swiftarrow dealing -160 damage

Prince Alicane Swiftarrow(150 Health)
Rarity(453 Health)
Applejack(588 Health)

Applejack: Time to finish this, partner

Rarity: Indeed.

Alicane: Not on my watch!

[Prince Alicane Swiftarrow]
Uses Snow Shield on himself decreasing -25% of damage to the next Ice attack

Rarity: Now that's not fair!

Alicane(annoyed): Hello, EVIL!

Applejack: We know you ain't bad!

Uses Frost Beetle on Prince Alicane Swiftarrow dealing -45 damage

Uses Scarab on Prince Alicane Swiftarrow dealing -70 damage

Prince Alicane Swiftarrow(35 Health)
Rarity(453 Health)
Applejack(588 Health)

Alicane: Uh...Grrr, I got nothing, but the Fire Elves will rein supreme! We always will!

[Prince Alicane Swiftarrow]

Rarity: That's enough, Alicane.

Uses Frost Beetle on Prince Alicane Swiftarrow dealing -65 damage

[Prince Alicane Swiftarrow is Defeated]

Rarity: Finally! Now then, the potion.

As the battle is FINALLY done the two poured the potion in the unconscious prince's mouth. As he finally wakes up, the two noticed his maddening eyes soften. The curse is lifted.

Alicane: I-I remember, now! I was cursed! We were lured by a banshee and she held control on all of us. Private Quinn sent you two, right?

Applejack: Darn Tutin' the curse should be lifted now!

Alicane: Excellent! Now come on, I owe Private Quinn an apology.

The two wizards and the elf, finally exited the theater and galloped back to the park, only to see an injured and pummeled Private Quinn.

Applejack: Hoo-wee! Those elves of given you quite a beatin'

Quinn: You don't know the half of it. Anyway, I gave majority of the Elves the potion, while you were gone. Not all of them, the rest just suddenly came to their senses.

Rarity: Must be after we gave Prince Alicane the cure.

The said prince came out from behind the two, finally.

Alicane(bashfully): Yeah...about that, no hard feelings, old chum?

Quinn: Hey, a life for a life, Alicane. I knew the curse wouldn't win, not by a long shot.

Suddenly an Elf came out and kicked Private Quinn in the shin, Rarity and Applejack readied their wands, and Alicane readied his arrow thinking it was a cursed Elf when in fact,

Elf: Never call my mom a cold midget!

Quinn: Feebo?! But how did you-

Feebo: I was controlled! Not brain dead! But I guess it was worth it, seeing as the curse is lifted. And you two did it right?

Rarity: Indeed it is us.

Feebo: Well, I have you two thank for freeing Prince Swiftarrow. Your deeds here will be remembered greatly!

Quinn: Thanks so much, girls for freeing the Fire Elves. I'm glad you came to our time of need, but I fear the terror that strikes Wizard City is still near.

Rarity: What should we do?

Alicane: What I recommend doing, is addressing what has happened here to Headmaster Ambrose. Firecat Alley is safe, but if we don't do anything, Wizard City won't be!

Applejack: We'll take it from here. Fancy doin' business with ya guys!

Rarity: Take care!

After saying their goodbyes, the duo teleported out of Firecat Alley and back to the Headmaster's Office to explain the situation that transpired there.
Spellbinding Ponies: Putting Out Fires
Chapter 7 of Spellbinding Ponies where we go to Rarity and Applejack's POV where they explore Firecat Alley. And not to self, never call the Fire Elves' mothers midgets
Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy entered the tunnel leading to Cyclops Lane. They explored their surroundings and found a street in gold and yellow, but not only that, they also see weird bests, trolls. Something that would make Fluttershy squeal in terror. Finally exiting the path, they came across a mini faireground. They explored it when suddenly...

???: Who goes there?

As Fluttershy covered herself in fear, Rainbow Dash looked up, and saw a young wizard wearing yellow and blue.

Rainbow Dash: Hey kid, do youknow anyone by the name: Nolan Stormgate?

Nolan: That would be me.

Rainbow Dash: OK here's the deal, the Headmaster sent us to help with...whatever problem you're having.

Nolan: Hmmm...are you Myth?

Both: No.

Nolan: UGH! What's on that Ambrose's mind? Everyone knows, Myth wizards are perfect for this job. All the other schools are pretty much useless.

Wow. It took only 3 seconds and Nolan already got on Dash's nerves. She then turns to Fluttershy.

Rainbow Dash(quietly): This kid is asking for trouble I just know it!

Fluttershy(quietly): Don't get tempted, Rainbow Dash. We have to do what we can to help him.

She didn't like it, but she knows that  more violence won't get them anywhere. Rainbow, then turns to Nolan with a forced smile.

Rainbow Dash: Is there anything we can do to help?

Nolan: Desperate huh? All right, I'll humor you if you REALLY want to help, prove your usefulness.

Fluttershy: How?

Nolan: Professor Drake, put me in charge of a very important mission. Magical artifacts from the old Death School has resurfaced, and I decided, you're going to retrieve them from the spooky Dark Cave.

Rainbow Dash: Why haven't you asked anyone else? Why only us?

Nolan: I asked a couple other wizards, buy they were too chicken to go in there. I'm hoping better results from you.

Rainbow Dash: Well....unfortunately(points to Fluttershy)this one is genuinely chicken.

Fluttershy: HEY!......Never mind it's true.

Nolan: I could use the company if she's too afraid to go in the cave.

Fluttershy: No. I'm going with her.

This seriously surprised both Nolan and Rainbow Dash.

Nolan & Rainbow: What?

Fluttershy: Too long I've been afraid. Rainbow Dash is right, I am genuinely chicken. This is my chance to face my fears and be brave.

Nolan: Whoa. That's bold, I'm starting to respect you ponies...STARTING.

Rainbow Dash: Denial. Let's go, Fluttershy.

Fluttershy: Right!

With that, the duo braved through the spooky Dark Cave, as Nolan described. It took some courage, but Fluttershy searched through the Dark Cave for a magical artifact.

Rainbow Dash, is a different story. She fought against the Undead roaming around in search of any magical artifacts, no luck,unfortunately.

Fluttershy: Rainbow Dash, I think I found something!

Rainbow Dash, hurried to Fluttershy's side at the entrance of the cave.

Rainbow Dash: What'd you find?

Fluttershy, carefully held up a skull illuminating in a red glow.

Fluttershy: I think it's supposed to be a ruined skull. Maybe it's one of the artifacts Nolan wanted.

Rainbow Dash: Then let's head back to the snot-nose.

And the two Peagesai exited the spooky Dark Cave, and headed back to the faireground to speak with the said wizard.

Nolan: Back so soon, ladies? What did you find?

Fluttershy: I found this ruined skull. Does that count as an artifact?

She then gives the skull to Nolan, who then examined the said artifact.

Nolan: Yep, that's an artifact. You two found it faster than I ever expected. And as a reward, here are your new spells.

Both(confused): New spells?

Nolan: Yeah. While you were gone, a fairy came looking for you to give you your new spells, so I did the professional thing and held on to them until you came back. Of course I had to look at them.

Rainbow Dash: So, what did we get?

He then, handed their cards to them.

Nolan: For you, Rainbow Dash, your next rank spell from Professor Balestrom, Lightning Bats.

Rainbow Dash: Aww yeah!

Nolan: And for you, Fluttershy, Leprechauns.

Fluttershy(quietly): Yaaaay...

The duo then put their new spell cards in their deck as Nolan continued.

Nolan: Now then, on to business. I've been getting some other students to search for more relics, but now they're gone. Probably gabbing instead of working.

Rainbow Dash: OR they could of gotten kidnapped by the monsters on the street?

Nolan: That's where you two come in. I need you to fight off the trolls on the SLIM chance they got kidnapped.

Fluttershy: Anything to help them. Where do you think we should start?

Nolan: I'd start with the Trolls. They do look shifty.

Rainbow Dash: I got this.

Rainbow Dash then flew off to where the trolls are roaming about. She then engaged one of them in battle.

Lumbering Troll(135 Health)
Rainbow Dash(465 Health)

Rainbow Dash: It's just you and me pal, bring it on!

[Lumbering Troll]
Uses Thunder Snake on Rainbow Dash dealing -100 damage

[Rainbow Dash]
Uses Lightning Strike increasing +10% to her next spell's accuracy

Lumbering Troll(135 Health)
Rainbow Dash(365 Health)

Rainbow Dash: Got ya now, time to break out my new spell!

[Rainbow Dash]
Uses Lightning Bats on Lumbering Troll dealing -245 damage

[Lumbering Troll is Defeated]

After the defeat of the Troll, a letter falls down to where it once stood. Rainbow Dash took the opportunity to take the letter, and fly back to Nolan and Fluttershy.

Nolan: That was quick.

Rainbow Dash: DUH! They don't call me Rainbow DASH for nothing.

Nolan: I'm sure. So did you find anything?

Rainbow Dash: Found this letter from one of the trolls.

She hands the letter to Nolan.

Nolan: A letter? That's odd, Trolls can't read. Judging by the handwriting, it must be written by a Cyclops. No one but them can dot the "i's"

Fluttershy: And look. It's address to M. Um, who's M?

Nolan: It must be short for something.

Rainbow Dash: Well, whoever this M guy is, it might give you a lead on where the students went, better safe than sorry to read it.

Nolan agreed and opened up the letter. He skimmed down the letter and dropped it with a horrified expression on his face.

Nolan: Great Fire Bats! The Cyclops have kidnapped the students! Rainbow, it's a good thing you found this. We must act fast!

Fluttershy: What should we do?

Nolan: This needs to be addressed to Professor Drake. He'll know what do do! I'll inform him. When I tell him that those students got themselves kidnapped, while I was...

Rainbow Dash: Doing nothing?

Nolan: Hey! I'll have you know, I was um...supervising! That's doing something!

Fluttershy: Um, not really.

Nolan:...On second thought, you go and
inform him, while I keep an "eye" on those Cyclops ha-ha!


Rainbow Dash: Pushing it a little don't ya think?

Nolan: JUST GO!

Rainbow Dash: Whatever, "comedian"

With a few giggles from Fluttershy, the duo used their wands to teleport back to Ravenwood. Immediately, they flew to the Myth School and confronted the grumpy Professor.

Professor Drake: Ohhhh don't tell me. You are friends with my new and hyperactive student, Pinkie Pie.

Rainbow Dash: Yep. We need your help with something.

Professor Drake: Spare me.

Fluttershy: Students have been captured by Cyclops on Cyclops Lane. Your student, Nolan Stormgate thought you might have an idea on what to do.

Fluttershy, handed Drake the Cyclops' ransom note, to which he sneered at it, and handed it back to them, as well as another letter.

Professor Drake: Here, take THIS letter to Victor Darkwood, the robe shopkeeper. Be quick. Time is at the essence.

With that, the two quickly headed to the Shopping District and spotted the robe shop. There they met the shopkeeper, Victor Darkwood.

Victor: Welcome to my shop, girls. How may I help you?

Rainbow Dash: We have a letter from Professor Drake, whatever you need to do, do it! It's a matter of life and death here!

Victor, took the letter and examined.

Victor: Ah, I've been expecting you two. You'll need to hurry with this.

He, then gives the two a large sack.

Victor: There you go, girls. Though, I don't understand how Professor Drake's laundry is a matter of life and death.


In confusion with a hint of anger, Rainbow Dash opened the sack...only to see it filled with clothing.

Rainbow Dash: We went all this way, just so we can get his LAUNDRY?!

Fluttershy: Oh, well maybe he wanted his clothing taken to him before doing something about the captured students.

Victor: Whatever the case girls, good luck with...whatever you're doing, and make sure not to drag the clothing on the pavement.

Rainbow Dash: Yeah, yeah whatever. (Grumbling): All this for lousy laundry, can't believe this.

Rainbow, and Fluttershy headed back to the Myth School to bring the Professor his...laundry?

Professor Drake: That certainly took you two long enough.

Fluttershy: Pardon me, Professor, but what does your laundry have to do with the captured students on Cyclops Lane?

He then shakes his head in disappointment knowing that these two won't leave him alone, unless he does something.

Professor Drake(glumly): You're still on about this?

The two Pegassi nodded their heads.

Professor Drake: Well, it certainly is quite a problem.

Rainbow Dash: So what should we do?

He then, turns to his desk and write a a message. He then seals it and gives it to the two ponies.

Professor Drake: Take this letter to the Headmaster, THAT should solve things to my satisfaction.

Without saying a word, the two flew back to the Headmaster's Office, where Flitter, Twilight, Pinkie and Spike awaits.

Spike: Hey, guys! Did you solve what's going on, on Cyclops Lane?

Rainbow Dash: Not yet. We have a letter for you, from Professor Drake.

Ambrose: A message? Give it to me.

She gives it to the Headmaster and he reads it, only to look at the two in irritation.

Fluttershy: What's wrong?

Ambrose: I will NOT expelany of you from the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts and return you home, regardless what Professor Drake thinks of you.

All: WHAT?!

Twilight: EXPEL?!

Flitter then takes Drake's letter and reads it out loud.

Flitter(reading): "Dear Headmaster Ambrose,

these foolish creatures you have brought to Wizard City, are much too irritating and bothersome for one, such as myself to handle. They are a mockery to the school, held responsible for the missing students of Cyclops Lane. It is undeniably important that they must be expelled from Ravenwood, and sent back to the home world these creatures spawned from. I'm trusting you to do the right choice, and deal with these creatures, at once.

Signed, Professor Cyrus Drake"

Pinkie: Boy, he needs to smile once in a while.

Rainbow Dash: THAT LOWLIFE PROFESSOR! When I get my hooves on him I'M GONNA-

Ambrose: Pay no mind to his petty threats.

Twilight: He really doesn't like us.

Ambrose: That is something I would expect from one such as, Cyrus. I know you are not responsible for the missing students.

Fluttershy: But who is?

Ambrose: I expect this sort of behavior from the Cyclops leader himself, General Akilles. He and his men promised to drive away the trolls. But now he has gone back on his word.

He then picks up the ransom note, and noticed the M engraved on the envelope.

Ambrose: I fear something more sinister is behind Akilles' change of heart, and it seems this "M" is to blame.

Rainbow Dash: So what now?

Fluttershy: And, what about Professor Drake?

Ambrose: Clearly, Drake is no use here, but you two have been most helpful. Return to Nolan Stormgate and help him straightened this whole mess out.

Pinkie: Good luck!

Fluttershy: Thank you for the help, Headmaster .

Rainbow Dash: Better him than Cyrus.

The duo left the office and headed back to Cyclops Lane and explained the situation to Nolan.

Nolan: So, I'm in charge of this rescue plan?

Rainbow Dash: Much as I hate to admit it, yeah.

Nolan: Wow, Professor Drake sure trusts me allot doesn't he?

Fluttershy: Um, actually, it's the Headmaster.

Nolan: Even better!

Rainbow Dash: All right, Teacher's Pet, what do we do?

Nolan: We need to reach General Akilles in his keep. But to do that we need ID from a Warhorn. Defeat them and get an ID card.

Rainbow Dash: Fight to get an ID card? Too boring. I'll do it the fast way AND-

Rainbow Dash sped off to the locations of a Warhorn and flew towards it and knocked it out with one hoof-kick. She searched the unconscious Minotaur and found its ID.

Rainbow Dash: Too easy, baby.

She then, flew back to Nolan and Fluttershy with a proud smirk on her face.

Nolan: Wow,

Rainbow Dash: I'm also tough.

Fluttershy: Why didn't you do it before with the troll?

Rainbow Dash: Needed to see how tough it is. It ain't nothing.

Nolan: Hate to admit it, Rainbow, but now you that you have the Warhorn's ID pass, you'll need to defeat Akilles in a duel.

Fluttershy: A duel?

Nolan: Yeah. Cyclops' are honor-bound. so, if you defeated Akilles in a duel, he'll HAVE to release the captured students.

Fluttershy: OK, but what did we need the pass for?

Nolan: You need to show the pass to the guard, Romulus. Don't worry about getting caught. You have the ID so he'll let you pass. He's not really bright.

Rainbow Dash: OK then, let's do it. Ready, Fluttershy?

Fluttershy: I'm ready.

They, then flew to the end of the streets to see a keep with a Cyclops guarding it.

Romulus: HALT!

Rainbow Dash: Don't worry. I got ID, and she's with me.

Romulus, took the card and examined it.

Romulus: don't look like a Cyclops, but if the ID says otherwise, then it says otherwise. Go ahead in.

They then entered the keep, confronting a Cyclops wearing a golden helmet. The two can only assume that he is General Akilles.

On the other side of the keep lies a jail cell, holding 4 different wizards. One of them shouted out to the two.

Electra: Help, Help us please!

Fluttershy: Don't worry, we're here to rescue you!

Akilles: HALT! You are here to free the other wizards? That I cannot allow. I am honor-bound to keep these wizards trapped here, and they must stay until I've been told otherwise.

Rainbow Dash: But you will allow after a duel won't you?

Akilles: That is correct. If you defeat me, I will be honor-bound free the students. But know this, as the title of General, I will put up a good fight.

Rainbow Dash: I plan to, too.

Akilles, called out a Cyclops minion and summoned a dueling circle and engaged the two in battle.

General Akilles(470 Health)
Cyclops Legionnaire(235 Health)
Rainbow Dash(465 Health)
Fluttershy(569 Health)

Rainbow Dash: I'll deal with the other Cyclops, you try and weaken Akilles.

Fluttershy: Oh o-OK.

[General Akilles]
Uses Bloodbat on Rainbow Dash dealing -75 damage

[Cyclops Legionnaire]
Uses Bloodbat on Fluttershy dealing -70 damage

[Rainbow Dash]

Uses Imp on General Akilles dealing -65 damage

General Akilles(405 Health)
Cyclops Legionnaire(235 Health)
Rainbow Dash(390 Health)
Fluttershy(499 Health)

Rainbow Dash: Uh...maybe you should wait instead of attacking the first round.

Fluttershy: Sorry.

Rainbow Dash: It's fine. Just wait this round then let a rip on Akilles.

Fluttershy: OK.

[General Akilles]
Uses Myth Trap on Rainbow Dash increasing 25% to his next Myth spell's damage

[Cyclops Legionnaire]
Uses his own physical attack on Fluttershy dealing -100 damage

Fluttershy: Ow!

Rainbow Dash: Doing ok?

Fluttershy: It's fine.

Rainbow Dash: Good. Now watch this!

[Rainbow Dash]
Uses Lightning Bats on Cyclops Legionnaire dealing -245 damage

[Cyclops Legionnaire is Defeated]

Fluttershy: Your accuracy is really improving, Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash: Guess that leveling up really paid off, don't ya think?

General Akilles(405 Health)
Rainbow Dash(390 Health)
Fluttershy(399 Health)

Akilles: Accuracy will not get you anywhere, I'm afraid. Only strength. Witness my strength puny pony!

[General Akilles]
Uses Troll on Rainbow Dash dealing -205 damage

Rainbow Dash: OOOH! Touchè, Akilles, Touchè.

Fluttershy: Rainbow Dash! Are you OK?

Rainbow Dash: I'm fine. Just attack! I'm gonna try to Thunder Snake him. And you go for the kill.

Fluttershy: Ok...

[Rainbow Dash]

Rainbow Dash: OF ALL THE TIME IT DOES IT, IT CHOOSE NOW?! Whatever,Fluttershy, take him down.

She ignored Dash and used a different spell in mind.

Uses Fairy on Rainbow Dash healing +420 Health  

General Akilles(405 Health)
Rainbow Dash(465 Health)
Fluttershy(399 Health)

Rainbow Dash: What was THAT? You didn't have to heal me, just att-

Fluttershy: Your health is more important, Rainbow Dash. You attack, and I'll follow your lead next round.

Rainbow Dash: At least I got Lightning Bats up again.

[General Akilles]

[Rainbow Dash]
Uses Lightning Bats on General Akilles dealing -260 damage



General Akilles(145 Health)
Rainbow Dash(465 Health)
Fluttershy(399 Health)

Rainbow Dash: Now, bring it on home, Fluttershy!

Fluttershy: OK!

Akilles: Not on my watch!

[General Akilles]
Uses Troll on Fluttershy dealing -190 damage

Rainbow Dash: Walk it off, Fluttershy! You can do it!

Fluttershy: Right!

[Rainbow Dash]

Uses Leprechaun on General Akilles dealing -155 damage

[General Akilles is Defeated]


Rainbow Dash: Hey, Akilles! We had a deal didn't we? Honor-bound?

Akilles: Yes. You defeated me in a duel. Therefore, I shall free the students for you.

He then takes out his key and unlock the jail cell, thus freeing the wizards trapped inside.

Akilles: Though, my master will be disappointed that I let them go, I am bound by the Cyclops code to free them to you. There you go now, they are free.

The three wizards ran out of their prison and ran to their rescuers.

Electra: Thank you so much, you two, for coming! We were concerned that no one was coming for us.

Rainbow Dash: Well, nobody counted on us to come!

Rosie: Honestly, I thought at LEAST, Professor Drake would come for us, but it seems like he didn't. Thank you, guys, for coming to our aid!

Rainbow Dash: It was nothing.

Fluttershy: Let's go back to tell Nolan the good news.

As the released students exited the keep and went back to Ravenwood, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash went back to Nolan Stormgate.

Nolan: So, you got the wizards out of there?

Rainbow Dash: Success!

Nolan: YES! I knew I could count on you two for doing this, just like Professor Drake counted on me for ensuring their safety.

Rainbow Dash: By doing nothing.

Nolan: Watch your mouth, you!

Fluttershy: Um, we have a bigger problem. The Headmaster thought that, the Cyclops are doing it so they can destroy Wizard City.

Nolan: I know Cyclops are honor-bound to do whatever the commander wants them to do, but who commanded them to go crazy like that?

Rainbow Dash: The Headmaster thought is was some M guy. He doesn't know who he is though.

Nolan: Whatever the case, we need to inform Headmaster Ambrose what went on here. Tell him about how we saved the students, thanks to MY brilliant planning.

Rainbow Dash(bitterly): Yeah, brilliant...

So then they exited Cyclops Lane and went back to the Headmaster's Office to explain their rescue and their fight with General Akilles.

Ambrose: Quite a daring rescue! I'm glad you two resolved the troubles on Cyclops Lane.

Twilight: It still kinda bothers me, though.

Spike: What do you mean?

Twilight: I mean, it's worrying that General Akilles was forced into something as sinister as this.

Pinkie: Yeah, who would be cuckoo enough to make him do it?

Ambrose: Hmm, perhaps this M is Malistaire, himself.

Spike: Malistaire? What does he want with the Cyclops?

Ambrose: Nothing. But clearly, this is another one of his diabolical schemes to throw us off his trail. As the wizards are busy attending to the troubles he caused, he will be free to carry on with his ultimate plans. What they are is beyond me. Hopefully, we can catch him, before then.

Twilight: In the meantime, we may as well wait for Applejack and Rarity to finish up the problem in Firecat Alley.

But that is another story...
Spellbinding Ponies: The Giant Problem
Chapter 6 of Spellbinding Ponies where we go to Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's point of view, where they venture through Cyclops Lane.
After the defeat of Lady Blackhope, our heroes split up to the streets of Triton Avenue, Cyclops Lane, and Firecat Alley to resolve the issues on each street, while Flitter travels back to Ravenwood to get the group's next spell's while she waits.

We first begin with the traveling trio of, Twilight, Pinkie Pie, and Spike into the streets of Triton Avenue. As they finally reach the street waterfall, they see a young Storm wizard distressed and worried.

Spike: Maybe that's the girl, Sergeant Muldoon talk about. She sure looks worried.

Twilight: Maybe.

The Trio then walked up to the distressed wizard.

Twilight: Excuse me, are you Susie Gryphonbane?

Susie: Yes! You must be the wizards the Headmaster sent. Me and my brother could REALLY use your help!

Pinkie: We're always here to give a pony, or in this case a wizard, a helping hand!

Susie: As you no doubt saw on your way here, the undead have invaded the area. We sealed them off in the Haunted Cave, but they finally broke the gate sealing it.

Twilight: How did they break down the gate?

Susie: The guards are still investigating that part. My brother, Arthur went ahead to the Haunted Cave to investigate the undead's whereabouts, but he hasn't returned ever since, and I'm really worried something might of happened to him.

Twilight: Maybe we can take a look inside the Haunted Cave to find your brother.

Susie: You will? Oh thank you guys! I'm still waiting for a guard to come so I gotta stay in case he comes. While I do that, maybe you can find clues in the cave.

Pinkie: Okey-dokey-lokey! Let's go!

Twilight: Wait, Pinkie.

She then halted Pinkie with her magic.

Twilight: We don't even know how to get there. Susie, how do we get to the Haunted Cave?

Susie: Across the waterfalls on your right, there's a warp hole that will take you to the other half of the street.

Spike: Thanks, Susie. Don't worry, we'll find your brother. Twilight's good at mystery solving!

With that, the trio journeyed through the other side of the street, via warp hole confronting with enemies along the way. Finally they mat with a cave, and an iron gate lying face down on the pavement.

Spike: Seriously, it's an iron gate! How did they break it down?!

Twilight: We'll find that out later, right now we need to find Arthur.

With that,they entered the dreaded cave. However the moment they entered the cave....

Pinkie: OW! Thick stick, thick stick!

She then lift her hoof and found a piece of the sharp stick.

Twilight: Wait a minute....this doesn't look like a stick.

She levitated the broken "stick" off of Pinkie's hoof and examined it closely. She then came to one conclusion in mind.

Twilight: This isn't a stick, it's a wand!

Pinkie: Aww, poor wand! Did I break it?

Twilight: No, it looks like it was broken before we even came here.

Spike: Maybe it's Arthur's wand.

Twilight: Actually, you could be right! Susie could actually give us a lead with this wand.

Suddenly the undead in the cave started flocking to the trio.

Scarecrow: Who dares to intrude in our cave?

Ghoul: wish to join us in the rank of the undead!

Spike: No one!

Twilight: No thanks!


She then holds up a cinnamon bun and offers them to the angered undead creatures.

Pinkie: Cinnamon bun?

Undead(in unison): WE CAN'T EVEN EAT! PERISH!!!!

Twilight then teleported the group out of the cave, and conveniently teleported to Susie Gryphonbane.

Susie: You're back! Did you find my brother?

Twilight: We didn't, but do you recognize this wand?

She then showed Susie the broken wand they found in the Haunted Cave.

Susie: This is his wand! I was right, something terrible must of happened to him! On top of that, he must be right about the Haunted Cave being the source of the evil!

Spike: What do we do?

Susie: I didn't want to turn to him for help, but it seems I have no choice. Could you speak to Duncan Grimwater down the street? He's a bit snobbish but he may have a hint on what's going on. Could you check on him please?

Spike: Sure!

The group, then headed down the street only to find a young wizard reading a book of sorts. And by the color of his attire, the trio can deduce that he's a Death wizard.

Twilight: Duncan Grimwater?

The student then put his book down and noticed the trio in front of him

Duncan: Ponies? What are a couple of ponies doing here? It isn't safe.

Pinkie: Pony stereotypes, gotta hate em.

Twilight & Spike: Agreed.

Twilight: Listen, Headmaster Ambrose sent us to resolve the undead problem, out here.

Duncan: I still say, it was pretty reckless of Susie and Arthur. Never let Storm students like them handle a Death student's job.

Twilight(thinking): Now I see why Susie says this guy's snobbish.

Spike: Uh...anyway, Susie sent us to you because her brother is missing, and thought you might be able to help.

Duncan: Arthur? Ha! Likely story. If anything, he's probably hiding back in Ravenwood.

Twilight: Do you really want to take that chance?

Duncan thought about it for a moment, when suddenly...

Flitter's Voice: Guys!

Duncan: Who's that?

They all suddenly looked up and saw a familiar forest sprite flying to them carrying 3 cards.

Pinkie: Hi, Flitter! What's up?

Flitter: The Professors sent all of you your next spells. I saw their messenger birds travel to you, but they couldn't pin point your exact locations, so I offered to give you your cards myself.

Twilight: How sweet of you, Flitter! What are they?

Flitter: Rank 2 spells. For you, Princess, a Ghoul spell.

Flitter then hands the alicorn her new death spell.

Duncan: Looks like you earned yourself a draining spell, you get those allot.

Twilight: Draining spell?

Duncan: Spells that can attack your enemies AND heal you in the process.

Twilight: Interesting, kinda like what Rattlebones did.

Duncan: Wait, YOU'RE the one who defeated Rattlebones?

Pinkie: Defeat Rattlebones AND Lady Blackhope! And also, she's a princess in our world!

Duncan: Wow. I guess I can't judge a book by its cover.

Flitter: Spike, here's your new spell.

She, then gives Spike his rank 2 spell consisting on an elf like creature.

Spike: An elf?

Flitter: A Fire Elf. This is your first overtime spell.

Spike: Overtime spell?

Duncan: Spell can cause damage to your enemies more than one round.

Spike: Awesome!

Flitter: And here's your spell, Pinkie!

And she finally gives Pinkie Pie her new spell.

Pinkie: Ooooh, a Troll! I think I'll call it Trolley!

Twilight: Did you give these new spells to the others?

Flitter: Not yet, I'll give it to Rainbow and Fluttershy next. Until then, see ya guys!

Trio: Bye, Flitter!

Flitter, finally flew off to deliver the other spells to the others.

Duncan: Those are good spells you guys got. And I know how you can break them out.

Spike: Really, how?

Duncan: I need you 3 to defeat some Rotten Fodders and Haunted Minions for my field studies.

Twilight: Field studies?! What does this have to do with Susie's brother missing?

Duncan: If you'd let me finish....I'm asking you to do this, while I look for clues, and studying their battle tactics can help us defeat them and seal them back to the Haunted Cave.

Spike: Aren't you going to help us?

Duncan: I would, but......uh...I ran out of Treasure Cards. Report back to me when you're done.

Twilight: I'm not buying the Treasure Card story, buy if it means getting closer to finding Susie's brother, then we might as well.

Minutes later the trio finally defeated the Haunted Minions, and the Rotting Fodders then went back to Duncan.

Duncan: You survived?!

Pinkie: HEY! What's that supposed to mean?!

Duncan: Uh...nothing, it's nothing! So what did you guys find out?

Spike: Nothing about those minions. But weird thing about the Fodders, they use Storm magic.

Duncan: Storm magic? That doesn't make any sense! Where could they've learn that?

Twilight: Maybe Susie knows. She is a Storm wizard, after all.

Duncan: I guess you're right. And when you see her, tell her I'm still looking for her brother.

Spike: We, will!

They then headed back to Susie Gryphonbane and told her the dilemma regarding the undead.

Susie: It's still surprising that Duncan wanted my help. But still it concerns me that the undead are using Storm spells you don't usually see them casting them.

Twilight: Someone must of put them up to it. The question is, who?

Susie: I see them wearing a strange type of medallion. Defeat them in combat and bring the medallions back to Duncan. He may know why they're wearing them.

With that, the trio left for combat against the Rotting Fodders. After a few fights, they retrieved the Storm Medallions from their fallen enemies and headed back to Duncan.

Twilight: Duncan!

He then turned around and saw the trio holding the Storm Medallions

Duncan: What are these?

Spike: Storm Medallions, this is how the undead were using Storm spells.

Duncan: Perfect! This'll help me out! But who gave it to them in the first place?

Twilight: Possible the same person broke down the gate sealing them. No undead is strong enough to break down the an iron gate like that.

Duncan: You maybe right. All right, before I investigate the Storm Medallions, I need Lumina Crystals.

Pinkie: Lumina? How illuminating! Or is it....illuminati????

Duncan: Uh....anyway, to get the Lumina Crystals you need to speak with Blad Raveneyes.

Spike: Blad Raveneyes?

Duncan: He's the Triton Avenue miller, he might know how to get those Lumina Crystals.

Twilight: He must've been the man we first teleported to right?

Duncan: Right, Twilight. he's the first person you see when using the teleporter.

Twilight: Well, we know where we're going. Let's go.

Pinkie & Spike: Right!

With that, the three wizards went straight to Blad Raveneyes via teleporter. They then gave him the full report on the matter at hand.

Blad: You three are here to investigate the cause of the undead? HOO-HAA! It's about time someone steps up!

Pinkie: Yeppers! But we can't do that without.....uh..Lunam...Lunima....Uh...what's it called again?

Blad: I take it, you mean Lumina Crystals.

Pinkie: Yeah, that's the one!

Twilight: Do you know where they are?

Blad: I had them, but my entire inventory has been ransacked by the undead.

Spike: We can take them back, but do you have any leads on where they are?

Blad: They're scattered throughout the street. If you find at least three I can find out what the undead have planned.

Twilight: Leave this to us, Mr. Raveneyes.

Blad: Please, call me Blad.

With only 3 minutes it took, our heroes headed back to Blad Raveneyes with the crates of Lumina Crystals.

Spike: Well, that wasn't so hard.

Pinkie: I know! They weren't even that far away from each other! After this I think a party is worth it!

Twilight: A party does sound nice, but first,

At that moment, they arrived with the Lumina Crystals.

Twilight: Blad, we got the crates!

Blad: Wonderful! Now, let's take a look at these crystals.

He opened the crate and picked a crystal up, only to find it dimmed down in color.

Blad: I don't believe it!

Twilight: What?

Blad: The Lumina Crystals you brought to me are completely drained out of magic. This must be where the undead are stealing the magic from.

Spike: And it must be why they know Storm magic. But what now?

Blad: You need to take these back to Duncan. He needs to see this too.

Pinkie: Okey-dokey-lokey, back to Duncan!

With that they went through the teleporter again, showed Duncan the drained Lumina Crystals, and explained what Blad has told them. He examined these crystals for a long time.

Spike: Well, dude?

Duncan: It's just...surprising! How could the undead learn how to steal from the crystal's energy. They're too dim-witted to even figure out how to.

Twilight: What do you think?

Duncan: Someone must be helping them.

Spike: How can we know?

Duncan: We still need a CHARGED Lumina Crystals to find the source of the Storm Medallions. Defeat some Scarlet Screamers until you get a fully-charged Lumina Crystal, then come back to me so we can end this investigation.

At that order, our 3 heroes went back to the streets to find and defeat the Scarlet Screamer who has a charged Lumina Crystal.

It took many tries but they finally found a fully-charged Lumina Crystal and headed back to Duncan. Duncan, then took the Lumina Crystal and the Storm Medallion from before, and waved his wand. Suddenly they both cackled electricity, and an image of a Scarecrow appeared on the crystal. Duncan immediately knows the figure.

Spike: A Scarecrow?

Duncan: Of course! Listen, it's not just a Scarecrow, it's the Harvest Lord! He must be the one who took Susie's brother too!

Pinkie: We better get back to Susie then!

They then quickly went back to Susie.

Twilight: Susie! Your brother really was captured.

Susie: Captured?! We have to do something!

Pinkie: It's a nasty, scarecrow monster named, the Harvest Lord!

Susie: Then, he must've captured Arthur, while he was investigating the Haunted Cave. He must be at the Harvest Lord's tower by now!

Twilight: Don't worry, Susie. We'll get him back and defeat this Harvest Lord.

Susie: If you three do this, then you'll not only rescue my brother, you'll be able stop the undead from haunting this street!

Twilight: That's the plan. Pinkie, Spike, are you ready for this?

Spike: Yeah!

Pinkie: I was BORN ready!

Twilight: Then, to the tower!

The trio then ran post Haste, to the Harvest Lord's tower.

When they finally arrived and entered the tower, they searched and found two beings in the tower. One was a Storm wizard tied up, and the other before them, is a Scarecrow with a Rotting Fodder minion.

Spike: There in the back! That must be Susie's brother!  

Arthur: My sister sent you? Please help!

Twilight: Then, you must be the Harvest Lord.

Harvest Lord: Correct, little wizard! Seems you, too, have uncovered Malistaire's plans. Too bad you all will stay with the other wizard, and you all will be powerless to stop us!

Spike: I wouldn't say "powerless"

Harvest Lord: Soon, we will drive out the citezens of Triton Avenue, then the rest of the city. And with the schools at our undead grasps, we will rule Wizard City! AND AT LAST, AMBROSE WILL BE CRUSHED MWAHAHAHAHA!

Spike: Wanna bet? Let's get em!

The three of them summoned a battle circle and engaged in battle.

Twilight(572 Health)
Spike(535 Health)
Pinkie(535 Health)
Harvest Lord(510 Health)
Rotting Fodder(150 Health)

Pinkie: Hey, me and Spike has the same health!

Spike: Ha! Coincident? I think not!

Twilight: Focus, you two. Someone needs to handle that Rotting Fodder.

Spike: I'll take him!

Twilight: Thanks, Spike. Pinkie, you and I can take the Harvest Lord.

Pinkie: Okey-dokey-lokey!

[Twilight Sparkle]
Uses Death Trap on Harvest Lord increasing 30% to her next spell damage

Uses Fireblade on himself increasing 35% to his next spell's damage

[Pinkie Pie]

[Harvest Lord]
Uses Sun Serpent on Twilight dealing -105 damage

[Rotting Fodder]
Uses Thunder Snake on Pinkie dealing -105 damage

Twilight(465 Health)
Spike(535 Health)
Pinkie(430 Health)
Harvest Lord(510 Health)
Rotting Fodder(150 Health)

Twilight: All right everyone, give it your all!

Spike & Pinkie: Right!

[Twilight Sparkle]
Uses Ghoul on Harvest Lord sapping -190 damage and healing -90 to herself

Uses Fire Elf on Rotting Fodder dealing -135 damage + damage overtime

[Pinkie Pie]
Uses Troll on Harvest Lord dealing -180 damage

Spike: Our Fodder friend should be done on this round.

[Harvest Lord]
Uses Ice Shield on himself decreasing -25% to the next Ice damage  

Pinkie: Like that's even needed.

[Rotting Fodder takes -70 damage from overtime spell]

[Rotting Fodder is defeated]

Twilight: Now all that's left is the Harvest Lord.

Twilight(465 Health)
Spike(535 Health)
Pinkie(430 Health)
Harvest Lord(140 Health)

Spike: All right, let's bring it on home!

[Twilight Sparkle]
Uses Dark Sprite on Harvest Lord dealing -65 damage

Uses Firecat on Harvest Lord dealing -50 damage

[Pinkie Pie]
Uses Bloodbat on Harvest Lord dealing -70 damage

[Harvest Lord is Defeated]

Spike: We did it!

Pinkie: Party time?

Twilight: Not yet, Pinkie. First we untie Arthur, then we get him back to Susie, and then we can have a small party while we wait for the others.

Pinkie: OK!

So they all began to untie Arthur from the rope the Harvest Lord tied him to.

Arthur: So my sister sent you three?

Twilight: Yes. We're here to save you.

Arthur: Thank goodness, I was worried no one was coming for me. I'll meet with my sister later. Could you please go on ahead and tell her I'm alright?

Twilight: No problem, Arthur.

Arthur: Thanks. I better head out, may we cross paths again in the future, Twilight, Pinkie Pie, and Spike.

With that he teleported out of the tower, and our group headed back to the spot where Susie is.

Susie: You're back! Did you stop the Harvest Lord?

Spike: Yep, and we saved your brother too. He headed back to Ravenwood.

Susie: Guess he needed to continue his studies. I couldn't thank you guys enough. You saved my brother, and the streets too. But it still worries me on what the Harvest Lord was planning. We need to report back to the Headmaster on what happened on the street.

Twilight: Yeah, we better. Come on, guys.

With that our trio took a last look at Triton Avenue knowing that their work is done here, and they went back to the Commons to speak with the Headmaster.

Ambrose: By, Bartleby! You defeated the Harvest Lord?! Ohh not many students were able to make that claim. Excellent work you three!

Twilight: But still, just like Rattlebones, the Harvest Lord was apart  whatever plan Malistaire was hatching.

Ambrose: It worries me as well, Princess. We must find out what is Malistaire's goal if we are able to make Wizard City a safe place once again. It's hard to run a school with the undead running amuck.

Spike: So what now?

Ambrose: For now, we must wait for the others to make their report.

Pinkie: In the meantime, (to Twilight) party?

Twilight: Maybe....right now, I'm not sure.

Pinkie: Why?

Twilight: Just wondering, what are those girls up to, while we were away....

As the journey time.
Spellbinding Ponies: Triton Avenue
Chapter 5 of Spellbinding Ponies where Twilight, Pinkie Pie, and Spike will uncover the trouble happening on Triton Avenue.
Ambrose: I see. This does not bode well at all.

After Twilight bravely defeated Rattlebones, with the help of her new fairy friend, Flitter, our heroes made it to the Headmaster's Office and told all that transpired on Unicorn Way.

Applejack: What does that varmint want in Unicorn Way, is my question.

Ambrose: I'm not sure, but we must be cautious of his doings, never let your guard down. You've all done a magnificent job sorting out the trouble on the street, but now it's time we move on.

Gamma's Voice: But first

Gamma then flee into the office from the other door leading....somewhere else.

Gamma: I am pleased to announce that your enrollment papers have been accepted by our Enrollment Registrar, Mr. Lincoln.

Rainbow Dash: Meaning?

Ambrose: Meaning this: Welcome now, young wizards, to the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts!

Soon enough, our heros busted in cheers knowing that they have been accepted in Ravenwood. Ambrose, then gave Twilight a map, and the group, a compass for each.

Ambrose: All Ravenwood students must be issued their own magical map, and compass.

Pinkie: Ooooh what's so magical about them?

Ambrose: Whenever you leave to another area, the map will turn into the map of said area. And the compass will always lead you to wherever you wish to go.

Majority of the group stared at awe towards the magical map and compass.

Ambrose: Now then, there are a total of 7 teachers all for you, there are also student dormitories assigned to you on campus, find a student by the name, Simon and he will help.

Spike: Just one question.

Ambrose: Yes, Spike?

Spike: Where is Ravenwood again? Y'know so it won't forget!

Rarity: I believe the tunnel is in front of your tower, right?

Ambrose: That is correct, Rarity. If you would like, you could use the compass if you wish.

Twilight: No, where good. Remember girls, it's the tunnel we came out of, when we first arrived here. Now come on.

And so they did, they headed out and quickly found the tunnel leading to Ravenwood. Once they came out, they saw a busy village filled with wizards of all type, and magic all around. They then looked at the schools and easily figured out which one it is, from their

Flitter: You guys go on ahead and look for your teachers, I'll stay here. I guarantee orientation will take about, 5 minutes. So 5 minutes meet me back here at the tunnel.

Rainbow Dash: Sounds good to me. Let's get to it.

So they all split up and went out to find their teachers. Rainbow Dash found the Storm School easily so she entered. It was a small classroom with symbols and signs of Storm magic, as well as the average class seats, and chalkboard. In front of her was the professor, who appeared to be a small frog with a purple top hat, and a purple and yellow garb.

Professor: Ah, you must be our newest student, welcome to the School of Storm also known as Divination, where students can become wonderful diviners!

Rainbow Dash: Thanks, so uh you're my teacher?

Professor: Professor, my dear, And yes, I am Professor Halston Balestrom, master inventor, and of course Professor of Storm Magic.

Rainbow Dash(intrigued): Go on....

Professor Balestrom: Who else can master the power of the storms and the seas? Anyone who can harness their creativity!

Rainbow Dash: Ok I am SO sold! Professor Balestrom, you won't be disappointed! I'm gonna be the best student you have!

Professor Balestrom: I look forward to that offer my dear, When the time is right, I will summon you to my class, and I shall teach you how to UNLEASH YOUR INNER THUNDER!

Rainbow Dash: I look forward to THAT!

Meanwhile with Rarity, she managed to find her school, being the School of Ice. Due to her being an Ice Wizard, she doesn't notice the chilly temperature. Rarity, then came face to face with an old fairy wearing the colors of ice, she can only deduce that this fairy could be the Ice Professor.

Professor: Welcome dear, I am Lydia Greyrose, your Ice Magic Professor.

Rarity: A pleasure to meet you, Professor Greyrose, I am Rarity and I would like to learn about ice, more then mere sculptures.

Professor Greyrose: Very well deary, but kept this in mind: Ice Magic, or Thaumaturgy isn't for the impatient or flighty! My goodness, no! You'll need to study hard to learn Ice Magic, but I guarantee you'll be great at it, and I'll be here to help you when you need it!

Rarity: Oh, that would be absolutely delightful of you, Professor!

Professor Greyrose: When the time comes my dear, I will summon you for your next lesson. There's so much to learn about Ice!

Rarity: Thank you kindly, Professor Greyrose, I will be the finest of your students!

After orientation is over for Rarity, she went back to the entrance to meet with Flitter. Meanwhile with Spike, he went to find his teacher to what, CLEARLY is the Fire School. He then came face to face with the professor of the school, a tall flame haired woman wearing an orange robe to match.

Professor: Welcome, young dragon, to the School of Fire. I am Madame Falmea, your Professor.

Spike: Hi! I'm Spike!

Professor Falmea: Welcome, Spike. I can already see you have the spark inside of you.

Spike(blushing): Aww, come on now, you're making me blush!

With a small chuckle from Falmea, she began her orientation of the Fire School.

Professor Falmea: Here I instruct students how to be powerful Pyromancers, but fire can be quite dangerous. We must not be rash, lest we destroy that which we achieve.

Spike: Seems fair, fire CAN be dangerous, but also helpful.

Professor Falmea: That is correct. When the time is right, I will summon you for your next lesson. I'm always up for fanning the flames so students can learn more about Pyromancy

Spike: I won't disappoint!

With that Spike left the schoolhouse and went back to Flitter. Next, Twilight went to find the Death School....though unlike the rest, she's having a hard time doing so. Instead she sees a GAPING CRATER in between the Myth, and Fire school. Then a young wizard came up to the confused alicorn.

Wizard: Have you come looking for the Death School?

Twilight: Uh..yeah, have you seen it?

Wizard: I'm afraid you're looking at it. This gaping chasm is all that's left, after it was torn from Ravenwood.

Twilight: What happened?

Wizard: Word has it that Malistaire, the Death Professor, caused it to disappear. No one knows where he sent if off to, but you'll find tons of rumors around town about it.

Twilight: But, that's crazy! Who's  teaching the Death students?

Wizard: That would be me! I'm Malorn Ashthorn. I don't mean to boast, but I was Malistaire's top student. Now I'm pretty much all that's left, so I'm teaching the new students.

Twilight: Well, I'm a new student now, so will you teach me?

Malorn: Of course! I'll teach you all about death spells or Necromancy. My pet crow, Shadow will summon you when you're ready, right Shadow?

Shadow: CAW! CAW!

Twilight: All right then.

So then she trotted back to Flitter just like the rest. Meanwhile with Pinkie Pie, she went happily jumped her way to the Myth School. She then came face to face with a bald man wearing a yellow robe, and blue shoes. He then looks gloomily down at Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie: Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie, an I'm here t-

Professor: Let me guess, another conjure want-to-be taking the Ravenwood tour?

Pinkie: That's me!

Professor: Ohhhh how quaint.

He then shakes his head in frustration, and knowing Pinkie Pie, he's in for a long semester with one of the most hyper active ponies on Equestria.

Professor: Fine. You may refer to me as, Professor Cyrus Drake and i-

Pinkie: Drake? Ooooh do I know a Drake, a meany Drake. He calls himself Malistaire, do you know him?

Professor Drake(sighs): Yes. He's my brother. Now then, if you wish to "attempt" to learn Myth Magic, I will summon you when I think you're ready. Now, leave me alone.

Pinkie: Aww but no one wants to be alone!

Professor Drake: Well, I want to be alone. Now please, leave me alone.

Pinkie: Okey-dokey-lokey!

She then bounces out of the room, and went back to Flitter.

Professor Drake: Ohhhh this is going to be a long semester with THAT pony.

And finally with Fluttershy, she made her way to the Life Schoolhouse and went face to face with a cow wearing a green robe.

Fluttershy: excuse me, are you my teacher?

Professor: I am. Welcome to the School of Life, I am Moolinda Wu, Professor of the School of Life. Here we celebrate the living ever-green power of creation and vitality.

Fluttershy: How wonderful!

Professor Wu: If you listen closely, you can hear Life Magic all around.

Fluttershy: Really?

Professor Wu: But of course. Just a few notes can lift one's troubles, purify one's spirit, and restore life.

Fluttershy: That really does sound wonderful!

Professor Wu: There is much more I can teach you, but it will have to wait until you are ready.

Fluttershy: Thank you, Professor, you won't be disappointed.

Finally the group finally met back to Flitter at the entrance.

Flitter: So, what do you think about your classes?

Rainbow Dash: My teacher was awesome! I'm definitely gonna like this school!

Rarity: Which surprises me, knowing Rainbow doesn't like school at all.

Rainbow Dash: Classes are boring, I admit, but I think I'm gonna like the Storm School.

Applejack: Yeah, yeah, well while you have have your teachers, I can't even find mine! Heck I can't even find the balance school!

???: Excuse me, but did you say you were looking for the Balance teacher?

They turned looking for the voice, only to see before them a dog wearing a red top hat, monocle, and a red suit.

Applejack: Uh...yeah, who's asking?

Dog: Arthur Wethersfield, at your service. I the Balance Professor, and I come from Marleybone, a completely different from Wizard City. As a lad, I always enjoyed magic, but no one practices magic in Marleybone, so I left to study magic in Ravenwood.

Applejack: K.

Arthur: 10 years later I traveled to Krokotopia then came back, to teach students, such as yourself, Balance magic, otherwise known as "Sorcery" which specializes in the balance of all things.

Applejack: Balance of all things huh? Are ya gonna teach me something like that?

Arthur: But of course! Though it is more advanced than the other schools, and is harder to master, but it's power is unimaginable! When the time is right, I'll summon to teach you everything I know, cheers!

He then waved to the supposed balance student, and the group went back to the Commons.

Applejack: Well, about time! Unlike all of you, I gotta do some hard work ta earn my spell.

Rainbow Dash: I guess....

Unbeknownst to them, Twilight wasn't listening, for she was in deep thought.

Spike: What's a matter, Twilight?

Twilight: The Death School, Malistaire tore it from the campus.

Spike: Oh yeah, that big gaping chasm near my school. That was Malistaire? Hmm I wonder what he did with it?

Twilight: They say there are rumors around town about it, so maybe I'll find out soon.

Spike: Yeah. If it's not in Ravenwood, it could be somewhere else.

Twilight: Probably.

They then went inside the Headmaster's Office to speak with him about their experiences.

Ambrose: Oh good, now you should know where your classes are. I do hope you like your new teachers.

Pinkie: I don't know, if you ask me, my teacher is kinda a party pooper.

Gamma: Yes, all wizards get that same reaction when meeting Cyrus, but rest assured Pinkie, you will grow on him. Cyrus is one of the best teachers we have at Ravenwood, though he maybe less enthusiastic about new students, he will soon learn to be fond of them.

Ambrose: Well said, Gamma. Now then, as a reward, here are new spells for you. Remember to put them in your deck

Ambrose then gave the group the following cards.

Elemental Blade for Applejack
Lightning Strike for Rainbow Dash
Freeze for Rarity
Fireblade for Spike
Death Trap for Twilight
Golem Minion for Pinkie Pie
And Minor Blessing for Fluttershy

And everyone then put their new spells in their deck.

Flitter: And for a reward from me, I'll heal you when needed in battle. My card is a little weak, but it'll improve during our journey.

Spike: Just like us, we'll improve more during the journey too.

Ambrose: That's the way of Wizards my friends. Now then, I have one more requests if you're up for it.

The Group: Sure!

Ambrose: Excellent, you have all demonstrated that you are capable and unafraid. Go speak to Sergeant Muldoon in Olde Town, I would like to see what you all can do.

Applejack: Sure beats doing nothing anyway. Where's Olde Town?

Ambrose: Go through the Shopping District and find the Olde Town gate. When you see him, show him this letter, or else he won't let you pass.

Rarity: Just a minute. Did you just say, Shopping District?

Ambrose: Why, of course. The Shopping District is where all wizards go to get the proper equipment. Wands, decks, any many magical equipment sold by the finest shopkeepers Wizard City has to offer.

Rarity toned out everything Ambrose is saying. She is still gasping in surprise and awe knowing they their own Shopping District unlike Ponyville.

Applejack: But we don't have any wizard money, riiiight Rarity?

She then snapped back to reality, realizing Applejack is right.

Rarity: Oh, I'm afraid so.

Flitter: Don't worry, Rarity, you can explore the Shopping District when we have enough gold. As of now we need talk to Sergeant Muldoon.

Twilight then took the letter from Ambrose and the group headed out to Olde Town. They passed the Shopping District, to Rarity's disappointment, and entered the Olde Town tunnel. When they exited the tunnel they came across a small village. They viewed their surroundings and saw 3 guards, one of them looking like he's a higher rank than the other two, it must be Sergeant Muldoon.

Muldoon: Halt, who goes there?

Twilight: Sergeant Muldoon? We have a letter for you from the Headmaster.

Twilight then levitated the letter to Sergeant Muldoon. He then crumpled up the letter and put it in the nearest garbage.

Muldoon: Say no more, help is truly appreciated, and if it's from the Headmaster, then it's more than enough proof that you're here to help.

He then examine the group then immediately, came to his conclusion.

Muldoon: You must be the new wizards representing Equestria. They say you're Wizard City's last hope, and you all just enrolled.

Rainbow Dash: We'll it was nothing. In Equestria, we ARE the Elements of Harmony.

Twilight(whispering): Rainbow......

Muldoon: You've done a good job spooking the spooks in Unicorn Way, but now the undead is spreading farther than we ever seen, push down on one place, something else happens in another place. Now, it's Olde Town's turn. If we lose the town to the undead, the streets will be isolated and fall. Here's what you need to do.

The Group listened intently to the distressed guard for their next assignment.

Muldoon: One of you must go back to Unicorn Way, defeat Lady Blackhope, and lock her in her tower. Do that and I'll let you pass.

Twilight: I'll do it. I handle Rattlebones, hopefully, Lady Blackhope won't be much of a challenge.

Muldoon: Very well, Princess.

At that, Twilight took to the skies and headed back to Unicorn Way. With the help of Ceren, she found Blackhope's tower and met with a lone ghost. Who could possibly be the supposed ghost.

Lady Blackhope: Mere mortals should not dabble in the affairs of the undead. Perish now, Wizard!

Twilight only glared at the ghost as she conjured up a battle sphere and began the battle.

Twilight(523 Health)
Lady Blackhope(235 Health)

Twilight(thinking): She's life. Hopefully this battle will be better than Rattlebones. Time to use this Death Trap.

[Twilight Sparkle]
Uses Death Trap on Lady Blackhope increasing 30% to her next spell damage

[Lady Blackhope]
Uses Bloodbat on Twilight dealing -70 damage

Twilight(thinking): Ugh, still gross. Imagine how Pinkie uses it.

Twilight(453 Health)
Lady Blackhope(235 Health)

Twilight: Now let's see how powerful this Death Trap can do.

[Twilight Sparkle]
Uses Dark Fairy on Lady Blackhope dealing -105 damage

[Lady Blackhope]
Uses Imp on Twilight dealing -70 damage

Twilight(383 Health)
Lady Blackhope(130 Health)

Twilight(thinking): I gotta heal first, then it's just rinse and repeat.

[Twilight Sparkle]
Uses Fairy on herself healing +400 Health

[Lady Blackhope]

Twilight(523 Health)
Lady Blackhope(130 Health)

[Twilight Sparkle]
Uses Death Trap on Lady Blackhope increasing 30% to her next spell damage

[Lady Blackhope]
Uses Leprechaun on Twilight dealing -155 damage

Twilight(thinking): Ugh! Gotta keep going.

Twilight(368 Health)
Lady Blackhope(130 Health)

[Twilight Sparkle]
Uses Dark Fairy on Lady Blackhope dealing -95 damage

[Lady Blackhope]
Uses her own Physical attack on Twilight dealing -85 damage

Twilight(283 Health)
Lady Blackhope(35 Health)

Twilight(thinking): One more hit, I think I can get her with my wand.

[Twilight Sparkle]
Uses Death Touch on Lady Blackhope dealing -60 damage

[Lady Blackhope is Defeated]

Twilight: Phew, not so bad.

After locking her tower with a lock spell, Twilight made it back to her friends and Sergeant Muldoon looking pleased that she defeated the evil ghost.

Muldoon: I can tell from the bruises, that you defeated the ghost? Impressive! None of the guards were brave enough to face her.

Rainbow Dash: That's our Egghead here! Bravest pony we know, next to me of course.

Muldoon: Very. With Olde Town secured, I feel better about letting all you pass through the streets. We have Firecat Alley, Cyclops Lane, and Triton Avenue. But be careful, the streets are not as safe as they seem. I've heard some rumors of a nasty wraith by the name, Lord Nightshade. He may be the cause of all the happenings around Wizard City.

Rainbow Dash: Then let's get him!

Flitter: Not yet, Rainbow. Maybe later but right now, we need to help out on the streets. To make things go quicker, we need to split up.

Twilight: Sounds like a plan. What's the first problem?  

Muldoon: On Triton Avenue, Susie Gryfonbane reported that her brother was missing during an incident with the undead.

Flitter: It's a Storm Street, so what I suggest is have Pinkie investigate since she's Myth.

Twilight: OK, me and Spike will go with her.

Pinkie: YIPPEE!

Flitter: What's next?

Muldoon: Cyclops Lane. Nolan Stormgate asked for help regarding missing students.

Flitter: That's a Myth street. Since Myth is weakened to Storm, Rainbow Dash can investigate there.

Fluttershy: Oh um, can I go with her please? Maybe she could use a heal while she's there.

Flitter: Sure! Last street, what's going on there?

Muldoon: Firecat Alley. There's a distress call from one of our own, Private Quinn.

Rarity: Since it's a Fire Street, it would be wise that I journey there.

Applejack: Uh-huh, I'm coming with her in case she causes a screw up.

At that remark, Rarity would only glare at the farm pony.

Twilight: Then it's settled: Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy takes Cyclops Lane, Applejack and Rarity takes Firecat Alley, and me, Spike and Pinkie will take Triton Avenue. Everypony got that?

Everyone: YES!

Twilight: Then let's head out!

With a few cheers from the group, our heroes split up and Traverse through the streets preparing for the danger they will face.
Spellbinding Ponies: Enrollment and Olde News
Chapter 4 of Spellbinding Ponies, where our heroes finally get enrolled into Ravenwood, and then eventually go to Olde Town


James Valcourt
United States
Current Residence: 12 yankee doodle ct
Favourite genre of music: rock
Favourite style of art: the scream
Operating System: computer
Favourite cartoon character: sora
Personal Quote: feel the heat
Flippy and Flipqy's Confrontation

It's over now, I know inside
No one will ever know

The sorry tale of Flipqy Hyde,
And those who died,
No one must ever know.

They'd only see the tragedy
They'd not see my intent

The shadow of Hyde's evil,
Would forever kill the good
That I had meant

Am I a good bear?
Am I a mad bear?

It's such a fine life
Between a good bear
And a-

Do you really think,
That I would EVER let you go?

Do you think
I'd ever set you free?

If you do, I'm sad to say,
It simply isn't so
You will never get away from ME.

(Out showing in the pond a reflection of Evil Flippy)

All that you are is a face in the mirror
I'd close my eyes and you disappear

I'm what you face when you're facing a mirror
LONG as you live I will still be here

All that you are is the end of a nightmare
All that you are is a dying scream
After tonight, I shall end this demon dream!

This is not a dream, my friend
And it will never end

This one is the nightmare
That goes on!

You may pretend!
And he'll flourish, so long after you are GONE!

Soon when it dies, all my memories will hide you.
You cannot CHOOSE but to lose control!

You can't control me, I live deep inside you!
Hastily, fearfully devouring your soul!

I don't need you to survive, like you need me,
I'll become whole as you dance with DEATH!
And I'll rejoice as you breath your final BREATH!

Ha ha ha!


With SATAN, himself by my side!


And I know that now and forever,
You'll never be able to SEPARATE
Jekyll from Hyde!!

Can't you see, it's
OVER now!
It's time to die!

No one will die

If I die,
YOU die too!

You'll die in me,
I'll BE you!


Can't you see?
You ARE me!

NOOO! Deep inside!

YOU are Hyde!

No, Never!

Yes, Forever!

Goddamn you, Hyde!
Take all your evil deeds and ROT IN HELL!!

I'll see you there, Jekyll!

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